Jaackmaate: The Untold Story Of My Battle With Health Anxiety & OCD | E127 | Summary and Q&A

March 21, 2022
The Diary Of A CEO
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Jaackmaate: The Untold Story Of My Battle With Health Anxiety & OCD | E127


The content creator JackMate opens up about his journey on YouTube, including his struggles with his mental health, relationships, and the pressure to constantly create content.

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Key Insights

  • 🤔 YouTube Content: The speaker talks about their experience on YouTube, mentioning their early success, loss of motivation, and the pressure to find content to criticize for views. They regret making videos solely for the sake of views and realize the importance of authenticity in content creation. They now focus on their podcast and other passions.
  • 💔 Difficult Family Relationships: The speaker reflects on their troubled relationship with their mother and the impact it had on their upbringing. They also discuss the absence of their father at times and the influence of their parents on their career choices and perspective on YouTube.
  • 🧠 Mental Health Struggles: The speaker opens up about their health anxiety and OCD, sharing the constant fear of having cancer and the avoidance of medical check-ups. They express the belief that receiving a diagnosis would be the end for them, highlighting the fear and anxiety associated with their mental health challenges.
  • 👥 Connections with Celebrities: The speaker discusses their connections with various personalities, including an interview with Ricky Gervais and the insights they gained from Jimmy Carr. They explore the impact of their childhood experiences and parental approval on their pursuit of comedy.
  • 🎭 Identity and Purpose: The speaker reflects on their upbringing, relationship with their parents, and their pursuit of YouTube. They discuss their desire to fit in, be accepted, and their struggle to find purpose and meaning in their work as a content creator.
  • 💰 Feelings of Guilt and Worthiness: The speaker expresses feelings of guilt and unworthiness due to their financial success and the stark contrast with their working-class background. They also mention the guilt they feel for having money when others are struggling and the responsibility they feel to help their family.
  • 👥 Impact on Others: The speaker finds fulfillment in helping others, including their team members and family, by providing opportunities and financial support. They appreciate being able to make a positive difference in their loved ones' lives.
  • 💼 Career and Motivation: The speaker discusses their journey on YouTube and the struggle to maintain motivation and passion for their main channel. They explain that the fun and motivation often come from the journey itself rather than the end goal. They emphasize the importance of aligning with their true self and finding fulfillment in their work.
  • 🌟 Imposter Syndrome and Validation: The speaker grapples with imposter syndrome and feelings of unworthiness due to their success. They struggle with the contrast between their achievements and their humble background, leading to a sense of guilt and questioning their own deservingness.
  • 🌍 Impact of Social Media: The speaker shares their experience with social media trolls and the negative impact of online criticism on their mental well-being. They acknowledge the need to distance themselves from such negativity and protect their mental health.


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Questions & Answers

Q: How did JackMate's upbringing influence his YouTube career?

JackMate's upbringing, particularly his strained relationship with his mother and the support of his father, shaped his drive to succeed in the YouTube industry.

Q: What struggles has JackMate faced regarding his mental health?

JackMate has been open about his struggles with health anxiety and OCD, which have caused him to fear going to the doctor or getting a health check.

Q: How has the pressure to constantly create content affected JackMate?

The constant pressure to create content led JackMate to make videos that were not aligned with his true self, causing him to lose motivation and ultimately transition into podcasting.

Q: How has JackMate found purpose and fulfillment in his career?

JackMate has found purpose in helping others, whether it is providing opportunities for his team members or supporting his family financially. This has brought him a sense of fulfillment and appreciation for his success in the online world.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • JackMate shares his upbringing and how it influenced his YouTube career.

  • He reflects on his struggles with mental health, including health anxiety and OCD.

  • JackMate discusses the pressure to continually create content and the shift in his motivation and interests.

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