IPFS, CoinList, and the Filecoin ICO with Juan Benet and Dalton Caldwell | Summary and Q&A

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IPFS, CoinList, and the Filecoin ICO with Juan Benet and Dalton Caldwell


Dalton Caldwell, partner at YC and founder of Protocol Labs, discusses the development of IPFS, Filecoin, and the mission of Protocol Labs to improve the internet's infrastructure and rebalance power.

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Key Insights

  • 👑 The shift towards decentralized technologies like IPFS and Filecoin is driven by a desire to build a more efficient and resilient internet infrastructure that rebalances power and gives individuals greater control over their data.
  • 💰 The ability to create and deploy smart contracts on platforms like Ethereum is revolutionizing the financial industry, allowing for the creation of complex financial instruments and transactions at a fraction of the cost and time required by traditional methods.
  • 📚 The lack of funding for large-scale infrastructure projects in the venture capital industry has created a gap that is being filled by organizations like Protocol Labs, which are focused on building foundational technologies that have long-term development timelines and high risks.
  • 🌐 The current lack of user-friendly interfaces and experiences for decentralized applications is a major barrier to mainstream adoption, but progress is being made and it is expected to take another year or two before these platforms become accessible to a wider user base.
  • 💡 The potential use cases for decentralized technologies are vast and varied, ranging from distributed storage networks like IPFS to peer-to-peer marketplaces like OpenBazaar, with the primary motivator for individuals and businesses being financial incentives and the ability to solve specific industry challenges.
  • 🏦 The rise of cryptocurrencies and the ability to raise significant funding through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) has garnered attention from Silicon Valley, but there is a need for greater understanding of the underlying technology and its potential beyond the financial aspect.
  • 💡 Decentralized technologies like IPFS and Filecoin can enable the distribution and decentralized management of datasets, solving issues surrounding versioning and control of scientific data for researchers.
  • 💼 Large-scale infrastructure projects like IPFS and Filecoin require significant investment and resources, often beyond what traditional venture capital funding can provide, highlighting the need for alternative funding mechanisms or organizations that can support these ambitious endeavors.


hey this is Craig Cannon and you're listening to Y Combinator's podcast today's episode is with Dalton Caldwell who's a partner YC in Wamba net who's the founder of protocol labs a YC company that's working on ipfs file coin and coin list if you're just getting into cryptocurrency I highly recommend listening to episode 244 of Tim Ferriss podcast w... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What were the main motivations behind Dalton Caldwell starting Protocol Labs and building projects like IPFS and Filecoin?

Dalton Caldwell started Protocol Labs to create a space where ambitious projects like IPFS and Filecoin could be built outside of traditional institutions like universities or major tech companies. He wanted to provide an alternative organization that allows innovators to work on major projects and improve the infrastructure and power dynamics of the internet. Caldwell believes in the value of peer-to-peer networks and their potential to change the way information is shared and distributed. Protocol Labs aims to create projects that address technological shortcomings and improve computing and information flow on the internet. By building technologies like IPFS and Filecoin, Caldwell hopes to rebalance the power and control currently held by centralized entities.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Dalton Caldwell discusses the creation of Protocol Labs, a research and development lab for networks, aiming to build projects like IPFS and Filecoin.

  • He explains the frustration that led him to start Protocol Labs, as there were limited options for building ambitious projects outside of universities or major tech companies like Google.

  • Caldwell emphasizes the value of peer-to-peer networks and the potential they have to rebalance power on the internet, and how Protocol Labs aims to improve computing and the flow of information.

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