Interviewing King Family Reacts #TutoTalks | Summary and Q&A

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Interviewing King Family Reacts #TutoTalks


Jacob Restituto interviews Dennis from King Family Reacts about their YouTube channel and their journey in content creation.

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Key Insights

  • 🥳 The growth of King Family Reacts was significantly boosted during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and they now upload two videos a day.
  • 👪 Dennis and his family value authenticity and strive to maintain genuine reactions and discussions on their channel.
  • 🤗 Dennis is open to exploring new content ideas, such as starting a weekly live stream about wrestling.
  • 🫵 They receive song recommendations from their viewers and prioritize reacting to the music their audience suggests.
  • 🥰 Dennis and his family aim to be positive influences, sharing their faith and spreading love and kindness through their channel.
  • 👶 King Family Reacts has a humble and grounded approach to their success, with the children maintaining their humility despite being in the spotlight.
  • 🫵 Dennis is considering bringing back family vlogs and would appreciate feedback from viewers.


hey what's going on everybody welcome back to the channel my name is jacob restituto and i have the huge pleasure today of interviewing and talking to and just chatting with dennis from king family reacts so thank you so much for taking the time to be on the channel man i really appreciate it it's gonna be a good time i'm looking forward to it than... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did King Family Reacts start and what were the different segments it went through before focusing on reactions?

King Family Reacts initially began as a platform to upload skateboarding videos, later transitioning to vlogs and then reactions after his daughter started singing.

Q: How did Dennis meet Brad Steele and start collaborating with him?

Dennis and Brad connected through a small community of musician reactors on Instagram, and they started collaborating after Dennis sent out a call for collaborations on his community tab.

Q: How does Dennis handle disagreements with his family members when it comes to choosing songs to react to?

Initially, they would try to include all family members in the reactions, leading to recording multiple videos in a day. Now, they have a more flexible approach, and if someone isn't interested in a particular song, they don't participate in that reaction.

Q: Has Dennis ever been surprised by a group or artist that he didn't expect to like but ended up enjoying?

Dennis mentions Nightwish and symphonic metal as a genre he wasn't initially interested in but ended up appreciating after reacting to Nightwish videos.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Dennis shares the background of his YouTube channel, which initially started as a platform to upload skateboarding videos and later evolved into vlogs, reactions, and collaborations.

  • The channel experienced significant growth during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and they now upload two videos a day, focusing on reactions to music and collaborations.

  • Dennis discusses the importance of authenticity and being true to themselves on their channel, as well as the support they receive from their viewers.

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