Inside A $29,000,000 Mid-Century Japanese Garden Inspired Home | Architectural Digest | Summary and Q&A

February 16, 2022
Architectural Digest
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Inside A $29,000,000 Mid-Century Japanese Garden Inspired Home | Architectural Digest


Quail Hill is a stunning 20-acre property with a Japanese and contemporary hybrid home, offering luxurious living and breathtaking views. It is currently listed for $29 million.

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Key Insights

  • 👹 Quail Hill is a truly unique property, combining Japanese design elements with contemporary architecture.
  • 👪 The meticulous attention to detail and careful planning is evident throughout the home, with original wall coverings and minimal steps for a seamless flow.
  • 👾 The gardens and outdoor spaces at Quail Hill provide a tranquil and serene environment, with stunning views and a deep connection to nature.
  • 🥹 The property holds historical significance, with its originality and well-preserved features making it a rare find.
  • 😒 The use of radiant heat and innovative design elements contribute to the overall comfort and functionality of the home.
  • 💯 Quail Hill offers the perfect blend of privacy and convenience, located just minutes away from San Francisco.
  • 👹 The house showcases a harmonious combination of Japanese aesthetics and California living, creating a truly unique living experience.


i'd like to welcome you to quail hill located at 21 canyon road ross california i'm the award with compass real estate this property is made up of 20 acres high up on the ridge secluded and private it would be almost impossible to acquire anything close to this the home itself is made up of 11 500 square feet it's a hybrid of japanese and contempor... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did the vision for Quail Hill come about?

The owner's father had the vision to build a large Japanese-inspired home for family entertaining, which was rather unusual 50 years ago. The construction took place from September 1969 to October 1970.

Q: How did the design incorporate Japanese elements?

The design included features like a contemporary chandelier, upholstered walls, and shoji screens. The home also utilized radiant heat in the ceilings and floors and featured a traditional Japanese barbecue structure.

Q: What are some unique architectural details of Quail Hill?

The house features a double roof system with clear story windows and deep eaves for additional light and temperature control. The main living room has 13-foot high ceilings, and the railings were painted international orange as an homage to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Q: How are the gardens and outdoor spaces maintained?

The gardens were designed by a masterful landscape architect and have a four-season cycle. The property has regular visits from arborists to trim the trees, and the pool area includes a black bottom pool with a special calligraphy inscription.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Quail Hill is a secluded and private 20-acre property in Ross, California, featuring a unique 11,500 square foot Japanese-inspired home.

  • The home includes six bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, as well as formal living and dining rooms, a grand music room, and a 150-foot long main entrance gallery.

  • The property boasts beautiful Japanese gardens, clear story windows, and a central courtyard, providing a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

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