Incredible Battlecruiser Micro - Starcraft 2 WCS: Special vs. soO | Summary and Q&A

October 24, 2019
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Incredible Battlecruiser Micro - Starcraft 2 WCS: Special vs. soO


Special and Dark face off in a high-stakes StarCraft II battle, with Special utilizing a unique mech build and strong air upgrades to ultimately defeat Dark's corrupter-heavy army.

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Key Insights

  • 💂 Special's double reactor build catches Dark off-guard and puts him at a disadvantage early on.
  • 👱 Dark's reliance on corrupters proves to be a flawed strategy, as Special's air upgrades allow his Vikings to dominate the air battle.
  • 🍁 Special's control of the map and superior upgrades give him the advantage in engagements.
  • 🥺 Dark's lack of upgrades and inability to rebuild his forces ultimately lead to his defeat.
  • 😉 Special's decision to prioritize battle cruisers and Vikings proves to be a winning strategy against Dark's corrupter-heavy army.
  • 🖤 Dark's attempts to counter Special's strategy are hindered by his lack of scouting information and inability to adapt.
  • 🇦🇪 Special's ability to micro his air units and target key units like corrupters with Yamato cannons gives him the upper hand in battles.


he's another reactor by the way so this could be like is this he did something like this before right was it like Viking Hellion I feel like I feel like I've seen something very weird from him before that was like this where did the fast reactor with the star for it because there's very very very few double reactor builds that you would do off of a... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is Special's strategy against Dark's Zerg in this game?

Special opts for a double reactor build, which allows for fast marine production and early aggression. This catchs Dark off-guard and puts him on the backfoot.

Q: How does Dark try to counter Special's strategy?

Dark builds a large army of corrupters to counter Special's air units, as he believes that Special will transition into battle cruisers. However, Dark's lack of upgrades puts him at a disadvantage.

Q: What role do the Vikings play in the battle?

Vikings prove to be a pivotal unit in the battle, as they target Dark's corrupters and deal significant damage due to Special's superior upgrades. This allows Special to dominate the air battle.

Q: How does Special ultimately defeat Dark?

With his upgraded air units and control of the map, Special is able to whittle down Dark's army and economy. Unable to rebuild his forces, Dark is eventually overwhelmed by Special's superior army.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Special implements a double reactor build against Dark's Zerg, a rarity in this matchup.

  • Dark struggles to adapt to Special's build, losing valuable time and resources in trying to defend against it.

  • Both players engage in a back-and-forth battle, with Dark attempting to counter Special's air units with corrupters.

  • Special's superior upgrades and control of the map ultimately lead to his victory.

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