Ian Hecox and the Legend of Smosh | Summary and Q&A

October 28, 2022
The Create Unknown
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Ian Hecox and the Legend of Smosh


Smosh, a long-standing YouTube channel, has evolved over the years from creating funny videos to becoming a business empire. The creators discuss their journey, the challenges they've faced, and the importance of finding a balance between creative work and business responsibilities.

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Key Insights

  • πŸ’¨ The landscape of YouTube has changed significantly since Smosh started, with newer creators experiencing faster growth and higher subscriber counts.
  • πŸ‰ The evolution of creativity and content is essential for long-term success on YouTube.
  • βŒ› Creators must find a balance between personal satisfaction and audience expectations when adapting their content over time.
  • πŸ‘Ά The Creator economy is still in its infancy, with creators exploring new avenues for revenue and growth.
  • πŸ‘Ύ Game shows and interactive formats have the potential to become more popular in the online space.


some people when they see that their content's not working get like demoralized I've always kind of viewed this as a as a marathon and not a Sprint as a Creator there's always more work to be done at some point you just gotta say okay I'm gonna stop and I think that a lot of creators don't know when to stop you made funny videos you put them up the... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does Smosh manage the transition from being content creators to business owners?

The creators emphasize the importance of treating YouTube as a real job, setting boundaries, and hiring people to handle tasks they're not good at or don't enjoy.

Q: Has Smosh ever faced the risk of being canceled? How do they handle potential controversies?

While they acknowledge there might be old content that is inappropriate by today's standards, they believe their long-time viewers understand the intent behind those videos and acknowledge the growth and change over the years.

Q: How does Smosh stay motivated and continue to come up with new ideas after so many years on YouTube?

They credit the support of their team and treating YouTube as a marathon rather than a sprint. They also believe in finding joy in the work they do and delegating tasks that don't align with their talents or interests.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Smosh, one of the first successful YouTube channels, gained popularity for its humor and viral videos.

  • The creators navigated the challenges of transforming from content creators to business owners and managers.

  • They emphasize the importance of knowing when to stop, understanding the audience, and delegating tasks to maintain longevity and success.

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