I've read over 100 coding books. Here's what I learned | Summary and Q&A

August 31, 2022
Python Programmer
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I've read over 100 coding books. Here's what I learned


Learning from technical books requires finding the right book, limiting the number of books, practicing with interactive exercises, and setting realistic expectations.

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Key Insights

  • šŸ“˜ The perfect coding book doesn't exist - it either lacks detail or goes into too much detail, so finding the right book depends on your interests and skill level.
  • šŸ“š Limit yourself to three books to avoid distractions and spend more time actually reading and practicing coding.
  • šŸ’» Use interactive online platforms like Brilliant to learn coding concepts and practice implementing algorithms, which helps in challenging yourself and gaining practical experience.
  • šŸ“ When reading technical books, have a setup that includes a computer to try out code snippets, a notebook to make notes, and the willingness to break and modify code for a deeper understanding. ā³ Have realistic expectations when reading technical books, as it takes months to go through a comprehensive book, and understanding concepts is more important than memorizing every detail.
  • šŸ—’ļø Take thorough notes while studying, but don't worry about forgetting some details; focus on understanding the concepts and searching for additional resources if needed.
  • āš” Prioritize understanding all concepts presented in the book, even if it requires extra research or seeking help from others.
  • šŸ’Ŗ Regularly allocate dedicated time for reading and studying technical books to ensure consistent progress and avoid setting unrealistic goals.


i have read a ludicrous number of books on coding and there are five things that i've discovered about learning coding or any other subject from a technical book that i think might be quite useful for you and so i'd like to share them with you point number one is that the perfect book just doesn't exist it's either too basic or too complex it eithe... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What should I consider when choosing a coding book?

When choosing a coding book, consider your background and interests. Look for books that align with your goals and provide the level of detail and focus that you desire. Don't be afraid to explore different genres or subjects within coding.

Q: How many coding books should I buy?

It is recommended to limit yourself to three coding books. Buying too many books can be overwhelming and distract you from the actual learning process. By focusing on a small set of books, you can deepen your understanding through practice and application.

Q: How can interactive platforms help with learning coding?

Interactive platforms like Brilliant provide hands-on exercises and challenges to practice coding concepts. They offer a structured learning environment that pushes you outside your comfort zone, helping you grasp difficult concepts and develop problem-solving skills.

Q: How should I approach reading and studying a technical coding book?

When studying a technical coding book, it is important to have a computer at hand to try out the code examples. Taking notes in a notebook can help you remember important concepts. It is crucial to engage with the code snippets, experiment with them, and attempt exercises to reinforce your learning.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The perfect coding book doesn't exist, as each book makes assumptions about the reader's background and interests.

  • Limit yourself to three books to avoid spending more time searching for books than actually reading them.

  • Use interactive platforms like Brilliant to practice coding concepts and challenge yourself.

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