I Tried Whittling For A Week | Summary and Q&A

July 1, 2023
Ariel Bissett
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I Tried Whittling For A Week


The content follows the creator as she tries whittling for a week, exploring its challenges, expenses, portability, and end products.

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Key Insights

  • 🤗 Whittling can be a fun and engaging hobby, particularly for those who enjoy working with their hands and exploring different crafts.
  • 💄 It requires a certain level of skill and patience, making it a somewhat challenging hobby for beginners.
  • 😘 The initial investment in tools and materials for whittling is relatively low, making it an affordable hobby.
  • 💦 Whittling can be messy, but proper cleanup and working outdoors can help manage the mess.
  • 💄 The portable nature of whittling makes it convenient to practice anywhere, even in outdoor settings.
  • 😒 Safety should always be a priority while whittling, as the use of a sharp knife can pose potential risks.
  • 😒 The end products of whittling might not always have practical use, but they can be appreciated as decorative pieces or gifts.


oh God in heaven Connie I cut the couch in today's video I am going to be attempting to whittle why because I'm curious about it I have noticed that this is a trend for me I'm really curious about lots of different Hobbies I really love arts and crafts right doing stuff at home on your own doing a Hobby Craft I think is so beautiful and cool and in... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What made the creator interested in trying whittling as a new hobby?

The creator has a curiosity for various hobbies and enjoys arts and crafts, which led her to explore whittling as a new endeavor. She finds the idea of working with wood and creating something beautiful and interesting very appealing.

Q: How does the creator determine her success with whittling?

The creator uses a rubric that considers various elements, including the fun factor, level of challenge, expenses, usefulness of end products, messiness, portability, safety, and the amount of focus required for the hobby. By evaluating these factors, she aims to determine her overall experience.

Q: Was whittling a messy hobby?

Yes, whittling did create a mess as wood chips were produced during the carving process. However, the messiness can be easily managed by using a towel or working outdoors.

Q: Did the creator find whittling to be a dangerous hobby?

Whittling does have some degree of danger involved, as handling a sharp knife can lead to accidents. However, the creator took precautions, such as wearing a leather glove and ensuring safe cutting techniques, to minimize the risk. She also highlights the importance of staying focused and being aware of safety measures while whittling.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The creator decides to try out whittling as a new hobby for a week, motivated by her curiosity and love for arts and crafts.

  • She purchases whittling supplies, including a pocket knife and blocks of Basswood, to start her journey.

  • Throughout the week, she attempts different whittling projects such as a bird, mushroom, and miniature house, documenting her experiences and insights.

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