I spent $50,000 on a business coach so you don’t have to | Summary and Q&A

June 28, 2023
Ali Abdaal
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I spent $50,000 on a business coach so you don’t have to


A YouTuber shares the lessons he learned from his CEO coach, including the importance of goal setting, creating an ideal week schedule, and using identity-based goals to shape behavior.

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Key Insights

  • 🤝 Business coaching can have a positive impact on both business and personal life, as the lessons learned can be applied to various areas.
  • 💡 Setting clear goals and building systems to achieve them is crucial for success in business and life.
  • 📅 Creating an ideal week calendar helps allocate time for important activities and ensures progress towards goals.
  • 🗒️ Keeping a parking lot or bucket list for goals and ideas allows for future consideration and prevents them from being forgotten.
  • 🦸 Identity-based goal setting, using fictional or real-life characters, can provide motivation and guidance in different areas of life.
  • 👥 Sharing daily quests or goals with others can provide accountability and a sense of community, leading to increased productivity.
  • 💪 Taking off the blindfold and visualizing the target can lead to progress and help overcome the lack of direction.
  • 💼 Business coaching can be similar to therapy, providing guidance and support for personal and professional growth.


hey friends welcome back to the channel so I've had a business coach now for the last several years and it's actually been the most Roi positive thing I've ever done in my business or in my life and so in this video I want to talk through some of the lessons that I've learned from my latest CEO coach his name is Eric and he's very very expensive bu... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did the YouTuber's CEO coach help him with goal setting and achieving his objectives?

The CEO coach helped the YouTuber set clear goals and create a system to track progress and make adjustments along the way. They established an ideal week schedule and identified key areas of focus in the YouTuber's life. By incorporating identity-based goals, the coach helped the YouTuber embody desired behaviors and values. This combination of strategies helped the YouTuber stay accountable and make progress towards his goals.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The YouTuber hired a CEO coach and learned valuable lessons that apply to both business and personal life.

  • One lesson was the importance of goal setting and creating systems to achieve those goals.

  • He also learned the benefits of creating an ideal week schedule and prioritizing time for different areas of life.

  • Identity-based goals were another valuable tool, using characters or figures to embody desired behaviors and values.

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