I speed-redesigned Chat GPT! | Summary and Q&A

April 10, 2023
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I speed-redesigned Chat GPT!


Designer redesigns AI chat UI using Figma in just 20 minutes, showcasing a step-by-step process and achieving impressive results.

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Key Insights

  • 😫 Setting a time limit can stimulate efficiency and creativity, pushing designers to make quick decisions and prioritize essential elements.
  • 🎨 Grid alignment is crucial for achieving a visually appealing and well-structured UI design.
  • 👾 Optimizing space through removing redundant elements and using overflow menus can enhance user experience and improve usability.
  • ❓ Aesthetic tweaks, such as color coding and visual hierarchy, contribute to a cohesive and visually pleasing UI.
  • 🐎 Balancing speed and precision requires experience and familiarity with design processes and tools.
  • 🥺 Iterating on existing designs can lead to significant improvements and provide valuable insights for future iterations.
  • 👤 Considering user familiarity and expectations can help designers create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.


they say the biggest problem with us humans is that we are a lot slower than AI so let's see how fast I can make a redesign with the stakes being extremely high for me and let's not trust computers with keeping the time I'm gonna use this little old school retro timer wind it up to 20 minutes and then the ticking starts laughing at me figma people ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does the designer approach the challenge of redesigning an AI chat UI within just 20 minutes?

The designer sets a timer and uses Figma as their design tool, following a step-by-step process to evaluate the original design and make improvements. They prioritize elements such as grid alignment, section separation, and optimizing space.

Q: What changes does the designer make to optimize the AI chat UI?

The designer adds a new conversation CTA and a hybrid button for switching GPT models. They remove redundant icons and use an overflow menu for less frequently used functions. The design also includes a clear button with the option to clear specific selected chats.

Q: How does the designer improve the aesthetics and user experience of the UI?

The designer focuses on alignment, using lighter colors and proper placement of elements. They create a cohesive visual hierarchy by utilizing contrasting colors and adding depth to the design. The UI is also optimized for efficiency and familiarity, with the chat box at the bottom and options in the top menu.

Q: How does the designer handle time constraints and precision during the redesign process?

The designer acknowledges that their fast and imprecise approach is not their usual way of working, but they are able to make adjustments and tweaks throughout the process. Despite some mistakes, they successfully complete the redesign within the given time limit.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The designer sets a time limit of 20 minutes to redesign an AI chat UI, using a retro timer for added pressure.

  • The original design is evaluated and improvements are made such as setting a grid, separating sections, adding new features, and optimizing space.

  • The designer showcases their attention to detail by making alignment and aesthetic tweaks, ultimately achieving a successful redesign within the time limit.

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