I read 1 star and five star books this month...let's talk about them | May reading wrap up 2023 🥲📚 | Summary and Q&A

June 6, 2023
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I read 1 star and five star books this month...let's talk about them | May reading wrap up 2023 🥲📚


Megan shares her thoughts on the books she read in April and May, including her lowest-rated book, a manga series she is enjoying, and her favorite five-star read.

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Key Insights

  • 🫠 Megan experienced a mix of reading experiences, with some books disappointing her while others exceeded her expectations.
  • 🖕 She enjoyed exploring different genres, including romance, middle-grade, manga, and fantasy.
  • 💍 Megan appreciates books with well-developed characters, engaging plotlines, and meaningful themes.
  • 🐎 She values diversity and inclusion in literature, particularly in terms of race and LGBTQ representation.
  • 📔 Megan's reading preferences are influenced by her emotions and headspace, as she seeks books that match her mood.
  • ❓ As a booktuber, Megan actively shares her reading experiences and provides detailed reviews for her audience.
  • 🖕 Middle-grade books have been particularly enjoyable for Megan, with series like "Pages and Co." and "Fireborn" standing out.


hey guys what is up my name is Megan and welcome back to my Channel or welcome if you're new I hope you guys are doing well and staying safe and welcome to today's video which is a combination of my April and May wrap-ups April was the end of my bachelor's degree so I only read one book but may was a pretty solid reading month numbers wise like I r... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What was Megan's lowest-rated book and why did she dislike it?

Megan's lowest-rated book was "Founded on Temptation" by Kat Singleton. She had loved the first book in the series but found the sequel to be boring, bland, and filled with toxic relationship tropes that she dislikes.

Q: Which book did Megan unhauled and why?

Megan unhauled "The Life of Stairs" by Rachel Hawkins. She initially gave it a 2.75 rating but later lowered it to two stars. She found the main character unlikable, the plotline lacking, and the ending unsatisfying.

Q: What did Megan enjoy about the manga series "My Love Mix-Up"?

Megan gave the second volume of "My Love Mix-Up" a rating of 3.5 stars. She appreciated the story's pacing, the diverse characters, and the exploration of friendship, romance, and identity within a school setting.

Q: What did Megan like about the YA novel "Like a Love Song" by Gabriella Martens?

Megan gave "Like a Love Song" a rating of 3.75 stars. She enjoyed the light and fluffy romance, as well as the exploration of being Brazilian in America, the pressures of fame, and the importance of family relationships.

Q: Why did Megan give "The Fifth Pages and Co. Book: Pages and Co. the Treehouse Library" by Anna James a four-star rating?

Megan adored this middle-grade book and rated it four stars. She praised the book's adventure, the commentary on children's classics, and the inclusion of LGBTQ elements. She also appreciated the deep care and connection between the characters.

Q: Why did Megan rate "Fireborn" by Aisling Fowler 4.25 stars?

Megan enjoyed this middle-grade fantasy book and gave it a rating of 4.25 stars. She found the magic and setting well-crafted and appreciated the discussions on transition and identity. She highlighted the strong writing and character development.

Q: What did Megan think of "Happy Place" by Emily Henry?

"Happy Place" was Megan's first five-star read of the year. She found it emotional and cried while reading it. She loved the second chance romance, the discussions on transitioning from college to adulthood, and the exploration of identity and expectations.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Megan completed her bachelor's degree in April and only read one book that month.

  • In May, she had a successful reading month, completing six books.

  • Her average rating for the two months combined is around 3.2 to 3.3 stars.

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