I'm Done with Twitch | Summary and Q&A

June 6, 2023
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I'm Done with Twitch


Twitch's new guidelines for branded content are seen as a way for the platform to monopolize profits and limit streamer autonomy, sparking a backlash from the streaming community.

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Key Insights

  • 🤯 Twitch is implementing new branded content guidelines to monopolize profits and control how streamers connect with brands. They want to remove the competition and take a larger cut from streamers' earnings. Alcohol is allowed, but political content and cannabis are banned, even though alcohol causes more deaths.


I decided to take like literally a few days off not even a week I was like I'm just gonna chill for a bit before the Expo spend some time with myself I have not spent 72 [ __ ] hours off of this goddamn platform making content blizzard [ __ ] barbarians like I'm not even talking about one Nerf it was like seven then I wake up early I didn't even wa... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why are streamers and the streaming community concerned about Twitch's new branded content guidelines?

Streamers and the streaming community are concerned about Twitch's new guidelines because they see it as a way for the platform to maintain a monopoly over monetization, limiting streamers' autonomy and potentially negatively impacting viewer experience.

Q: How does Twitch's new policies affect sponsored streams and advertising?

Twitch's new guidelines restrict certain types of sponsored streams and advertising, giving the platform more control over monetization. This means streamers have less autonomy and may lose out on potential earnings.

Q: Why are streamers considering moving to other platforms?

Many streamers are considering moving to other platforms because they believe they can make more money and have more control over their content outside of Twitch. They see Twitch's new guidelines as unfair and restrictive.

Q: How are Twitch's new branded content guidelines seen as a form of monopoly?

Twitch's new guidelines are seen as a form of monopoly because they restrict streamers from promoting certain products or services while allowing Twitch to advertise their own content more prominently. This gives Twitch a greater share of the profits and limits competition from other advertising platforms.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Twitch has introduced new branded content guidelines that restrict certain types of sponsored streams and advertising on the platform.

  • The guidelines enable Twitch to have more control over monetization and potentially monopolize profits at the expense of streamers.

  • Many streamers are concerned about the lack of autonomy and the potential negative impact on viewer experience.

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