I Lost. My Thoughts On Boxing Michael Reeves | Creator Clash | Summary and Q&A

May 17, 2022
The Iced Coffee Hour
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I Lost. My Thoughts On Boxing Michael Reeves | Creator Clash


Graham and Jack discuss their experience and emotions during the Creator Clash boxing match, expressing pride, nerves, and relief.

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Key Insights

  • 👯 The Creator Clash boxing event sold out an arena of 10,000 people, the first-ever sold-out event at the venue.
  • 🫵 The event received approximately 130,000 pay-per-view streams, and the merchandise sales were successful.
  • 🥺 Graham's anxiety leading up to the match decreased as he focused on the relief of it being over, despite not being able to retain many memories of the fight.
  • 😑 Graham appreciated the support and positive comments from viewers who expressed pride in his effort during the match.
  • 🤗 The experience of participating in the boxing match opened Graham's mind to taking more risks in life and facing fears.
  • 🫵 The discussion includes plans for rebranding the podcast with a universal logo and seeking design submissions from viewers.
  • 🫰 Jack shares his decision to focus on index funds and reduce investments in individual stocks after learning from past experiences.


so welcome back to the iced coffee hour and I lost but you did great grandma and we're really proud of you really I honestly do yeah seeing you out there in the ring and seeing you walking up man I I don't think I've ever been as proud as you I love you as I have been in our entire relationship so thanks yeah yeah it was Nerf it was nerve-wracking ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Graham feel leading up to the Creator Clash boxing match?

Graham experienced high levels of anxiety and stress, which began to impact his work and daily life.

Q: How did Graham feel during the boxing match?

Graham felt a sense of relief and excitement as he stepped into the ring, knowing that the match would soon be over. He also struggled to remember what happened during the match due to adrenaline.

Q: Did Graham have any injuries from the boxing match?

Graham had a bloody nose, mild concussion, swelling around the face, and neck pain. He also experienced difficulty breathing through his nose due to swelling inside.

Q: How did Graham's opponent, Michael Reeves, perform in the match?

Michael showed impressive technical skills and improved strategy between the first and second rounds of the fight. Graham acknowledges Michael's dedication to training and sparring with experienced boxers.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Graham reflects on the nervousness and anxiety leading up to the boxing match, finding relief and excitement once it was over.

  • The atmosphere backstage and the sight of other fighters returning with injuries reminded Graham of scenes from the movie Gladiator.

  • Graham acknowledges his lack of memory from the match due to adrenaline and describes the physical and mental toll it took on him.

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