I Hired 3 Designers to Redesign My Bathroom | Summary and Q&A

November 2, 2023
Ariel Bissett
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I Hired 3 Designers to Redesign My Bathroom


The content explores the challenges and possibilities of renovating a dingy bathroom, featuring three design options and discussing the debate between a shower or a bathtub.

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Key Insights

  • 👾 The current bathroom lacks storage space and is in need of a functional and aesthetic upgrade.
  • 🎁 The three presented designs showcase different layout options, color schemes, and storage solutions, providing inspiration for the content creator.
  • 🛀 There is a debate between having a shower or a bathtub, with the content creator leaning towards a shower for practicality.
  • 😒 Incorporating storage solutions behind the toilet can help maximize the use of space in the bathroom.
  • 🤣 The content creator's personal vision includes a unique sink area, a black and white tiled floor, and a pop of color in the curtain.
  • 🎮 Cotton, a Canadian brand, sponsors the video and provides towels and other items for the bathroom renovation.


hello and welcome to my dingy bathroom I have hired three designers to design what this bathroom could look like and we're going to go through those designs and see what we think we will start with a bathroom tour so you can get a lay of the land we will then move into the designs the designers have sent me but we will finish off with what I think ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why did the content creator decide to renovate their bathroom?

The bathroom is currently outdated, lacks storage space, and has a carpeted floor, making it unappealing and unhygienic. The content creator is excited to transform it into a functional and beautiful space.

Q: What were the main considerations when discussing the shower or bathtub options?

The content creator debated the practicality, aesthetics, and overall usage of a shower or bathtub. They expressed interest in a shower due to its functionality, but also found claw-foot bathtubs luxurious and visually appealing.

Q: What were the key design elements in each of the three presented designs?

The first design focused on a neutral color palette, a spacious vanity, and shelves above the toilet for storage. The second design incorporated a vibrant wallpaper, a cabinet with drawers, and a unique window placement. The third design emphasized a luxurious feel with a dark green color scheme, a claw-foot bathtub, and built-in shelving.

Q: What is the content creator's personal vision for the bathroom renovation?

The content creator plans to incorporate a cabinet, a unique sink area, and storage space behind the toilet. They envision a black and white tile floor, a pop of color in the curtain, and a possible mural or wallpaper for the walls.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content begins with a tour of the current bathroom, highlighting its limitations and lack of storage space.

  • Three professional designers present their design options, showcasing different layouts, color schemes, and storage solutions.

  • The content creator shares their own vision for the bathroom, including the incorporation of a cabinet, a unique sink area, and the possibility of a shower or a bathtub.

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