How to USE Productivity Advice (Instead of Just Consuming It) | Summary and Q&A

June 26, 2019
Thomas Frank
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How to USE Productivity Advice (Instead of Just Consuming It)


Learn how to effectively apply productivity tips and self-improvement advice to make meaningful improvements in your life.

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Key Insights

  • 🤳 Access to self-improvement information has increased dramatically in recent years.
  • 😫 Setting priorities and choosing which goal to focus on saves time and prevents decision fatigue.
  • 💁 Adapting tips and concepts to fit your specific situation is more important than following them exactly.
  • 🫥 Implementing a 30-day challenge can help build habits and generate visible progress.
  • ❓ Starting immediately and finding accountability can increase motivation and maximize productivity.
  • 🍉 Regularly reviewing progress and adjusting strategies is crucial for long-term success.
  • 🥳 30-day challenges provide a structured framework for achieving goals and staying motivated.


  • Hey, what is goin' on guys? So do you ever feel like there's just no point to reading productivity and self-improvement articles. I mean, you pull it up, you read it or scan through it. You get vaguely motivated for 10 minutes or so, but after that, it really does nothing to change your life, and all these articles, even though they purport to be... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why do many people fail to apply the productivity tips and self-improvement advice they read?

The abundance of information available online can be overwhelming, leading to a lack of action. It is crucial to find a way to effectively utilize the information.

Q: How can I prioritize my goals effectively?

Pick one goal or problem that you want to solve above all others and make it your priority. This does not mean you cannot work on other things simultaneously, but knowing which one is most important will help you make meaningful progress in a shorter amount of time.

Q: How should I approach finding resources and tutorials for my chosen goal?

Start by following someone else's tutorial or tips exactly, especially if you are a beginner. If their advice doesn't work for you, distill the basic concepts and adapt them to your own situation.

Q: What is the benefit of implementing a 30-day challenge?

A 30-day challenge helps build a habit and put a productivity technique into action. By breaking your goal down into measurable steps and doing at least one step every day for 30 days, you can track your progress and see significant improvements.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Many people read productivity and self-improvement articles but fail to apply the information in their lives.

  • To use productivity tips effectively, prioritize one problem or goal and focus on it.

  • Find resources or tutorials that align with your goal and adapt them to fit your specific situation.

  • Implement a 30-day challenge to build habits and track your progress.

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