How to Stop Wasting Your Life (Avoid These 5 Things) | Summary and Q&A

February 16, 2024
Ali Abdaal
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How to Stop Wasting Your Life (Avoid These 5 Things)


By eliminating or reducing time drains such as social media, news consumption, excessive TV watching, chores, and wasted spare minutes, one can free up more time and focus on what truly matters.

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Key Insights

  • 😀 Social media can be a major time drain, but strategies such as adding loading screens and removing apps can help break the habit.
  • 📰 Consuming news reactively and without intention can waste valuable time. Instead, read the news intentionally or seek information on specific topics of interest.
  • ⌛ TV watching, unless shared as a social activity, can squander precious time. Cutting back on TV can free up significant hours in one's day.
  • 👻 Outsourcing chores, when feasible, allows for more time to engage in activities that are personally fulfilling.
  • 🥳 Valuing spare minutes and using them intentionally can add significant capacity to one's day and allow for progress on meaningful tasks.
  • ⌛ Experimentation is key in finding what works best for each individual in managing time and eliminating time drains.
  • 😒 Balancing the use of social media and TV with intentional and purposeful consumption can still provide enjoyment and relaxation, while avoiding excessive time drains.


hey friends welcome back to the channel if you're new here my name is Ali I'm a doctor turned entrepreneur and the author of this book Feelgood productivity which is about how to do more of what matters to you and this is the second video in our three-part series about how to manage your time outside of your 9 to5 now in episode one of the series w... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How can I break my social media addiction?

One strategy is to use a free app called "one sec" that adds a loading screen to social media apps, creating a moment of reflection before opening them. Removing social media apps from your phone's home screen can also add friction and make it easier to resist the temptation to scroll mindlessly.

Q: Is it necessary to completely cut out social media and TV?

It depends on personal preferences and goals. The speaker suggests experimenting with cutting out or reducing social media and TV consumption to see if it frees up more time for meaningful activities. It is possible to strike a balance that allows for intentional and purposeful use of these platforms.

Q: How can I make chores more efficient?

Consider delegating chores that you don't enjoy or that take up a significant amount of time. Hiring a cleaner or using other services can free up time for activities that you find more meaningful. Remember to weigh the value of your time and the cost of outsourcing against the benefits gained.

Q: How can I make the most of spare minutes in my day?

The key is to be intentional and mindful about how you use your spare minutes. Instead of engaging in mindless activities, consider using those minutes to make progress on meaningful tasks, relax intentionally, or engage in activities that align with your goals and values.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • In this video, the speaker discusses the five biggest drains of time and how to eliminate or minimize their impact.

  • Social media is a common time drain, but strategies such as using apps to add loading screens and removing apps from the home screen can help break the scrolling habit.

  • Consuming news without intention can also be a time drain, and the speaker suggests being intentional about reading the news and seeking information on specific topics.

  • Excessive TV watching and time spent on chores are identified as other drains on time, and the speaker shares personal experiences of cutting back on TV and delegating cleaning tasks.

  • Lastly, the speaker highlights the importance of valuing spare minutes and using them intentionally, rather than squandering them.

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