How to Stop Wage Garnishment Immediately | Summary and Q&A

December 11, 2020
Consumer Warrior
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How to Stop Wage Garnishment Immediately


This video discusses the challenges of wage garnishment and provides insights on how to stop or manage it, including options like bankruptcy and other strategies.

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Key Insights

  • đŸĨē Wage garnishment is a significant consequence of debt, leading many individuals to consider bankruptcy as a solution.
  • ❓ Responding to debt collection lawsuits is crucial to avoid default judgments and the possibility of wage garnishment.
  • 👮 Each state has its own laws regarding wage garnishment, and individuals should consult local regulations.
  • đŸĻģ Filing an objection and requesting a hearing can temporarily halt the garnishment process but does not guarantee a successful outcome.
  • ✋ Bankruptcy, specifically an emergency filing, can immediately stop wage garnishment and discharge the underlying debt.
  • 🆕 Bankruptcy does not provide reimbursement for funds already garnished, but it offers a fresh start to manage the debt.
  • 👋 Prevention, such as contesting lawsuits and settling debts early, is the best strategy to avoid wage garnishment.


  • Hey everybody, John Skiba here. And in this video, I'm going to talk about one of the most difficult, worst things that you can deal with if you're facing debt and that is wage garnishment. I'm going to talk about some different ways to stop it, both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy and how you can overall deal with this really difficult problem. Bu... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does wage garnishment affect individuals facing debt?

Wage garnishment can be devastating, with creditors legally entitled to take up to 25% of an individual's paycheck. This can lead to financial difficulties and even bankruptcy.

Q: Can wage garnishment be stopped without bankruptcy?

Yes, in some cases, individuals can object to the garnishment and request a hearing. However, the garnishment will likely continue until the court process is completed.

Q: How can one challenge the underlying judgment and stop the garnishment?

To challenge the judgment, individuals need to file a motion to vacate and prove that there were issues with the serving process or the named parties. This process can take several weeks.

Q: What is the role of hardship in reducing the garnishment amount?

Arizona allows individuals to demonstrate financial hardship and potentially reduce the garnishment from 25% to 15% of their paycheck. However, further reductions are not permitted.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Wage garnishment is a severe consequence of debt and can lead to financial hardship and bankruptcy.

  • Different states have varying laws related to wage garnishment, but most follow a similar process.

  • It is essential to respond to debt collection lawsuits to prevent default judgments and explore alternatives to bankruptcy.

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