How to Make Money Online | Summary and Q&A

February 4, 2022
Ali Abdaal
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How to Make Money Online


David Perrell and Luther Bellinger share their tips on building an audience from scratch and turning it into a profitable business in the realms of writing and YouTube.

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Key Insights

  • 📚 Starting out as a writer is easier and more cost-effective than starting out as a YouTuber, as writing requires minimal equipment.
  • 🎬 One tip for starting out as a writer is to write every single day for a set amount of time to build consistency and improve your craft.
  • 🖊️ For beginners, focusing on building an audience on platforms like Twitter can be beneficial for sharing ideas and gaining exposure.
  • 🔍 Both writers and YouTubers can benefit from imitating successful creators in their respective fields and then adding their own unique touch to stand out.
  • 📖 Riding a wave of ideas, people, or trends can help in growing an audience and gaining more exposure.
  • 💌 Transitioning an audience from public platforms like Twitter and YouTube to private platforms like email lists can help build a more direct and engaged community.
  • 💰 Providing valuable content consistently for free before monetizing can help build trust and a loyal audience that is more likely to support your product or service.
  • 🎯 Focusing on intrinsic joy and enjoyment of the craft rather than solely external rewards can help sustain motivation and drive throughout the journey.


hey friends welcome back to the channel today i'm joined by my very good friend david perrell david how are you doing that's me i'm doing well um thanks luther thanks for coming on the channel so basically what we're gonna do is that david and i have both built uh multi-million dollar businesses off the back of building an audience which we started... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How can building an audience on public platforms like Twitter and YouTube help in transitioning to private platforms?

Building an audience on public platforms allows you to reach a wider audience initially, but transitioning them to private platforms like an email list or blog helps you have more direct and uninterrupted communication with your audience. By doing so, you can build stronger relationships and have more control over how and when you engage with them.

Q: Why is it essential to focus on providing value before monetizing?

Providing value upfront helps you establish trust and credibility with your audience. It shows that you genuinely care about helping them and builds a loyal following. By offering valuable content for free, you create a sense of reciprocity, making it more likely for people to support your chosen monetization strategies in the future.

Q: How can writers identify their unfair advantages and leverage them for audience growth and monetization?

Writers can identify their unfair advantages by reflecting on their strengths, unique experiences, and knowledge. This could be a specific niche they specialize in, personal connections to influential individuals, or a fresh perspective on a subject matter. By leveraging these advantages, writers can position themselves as experts, attract their target audience, and create products or services that cater to their needs.

Q: How can YouTubers apply the "jab jab jab right hook" principle to their content strategy?

YouTubers can apply the "jab jab jab right hook" principle by consistently providing valuable, entertaining, and engaging content to their audience without expecting anything in return. This builds goodwill and a loyal fan base. Eventually, when they present a product or ask for support, their audience will be more receptive because they've already received significant value from the YouTuber's free content.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • David Perrell and Luther Bellinger discuss their journey of building multi-million dollar businesses by cultivating an audience from nothing.

  • They break down the five stages of going from having no audience to establishing a successful business, covering topics such as starting out, pros and cons of writing versus YouTube, improving the craft, growing the audience, transitioning to private platforms, and monetization.

  • They emphasize the importance of consistency, providing value, and listening to your audience's needs throughout the process.

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