HOW TO MAKE MEATLOAF CUPCAKES // Grace Helbig | Summary and Q&A

October 15, 2020
Grace Helbig
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Grace Helbig makes meatloaf cupcakes using a HelloFresh recipe, sharing jokes and promoting the meal kit service.

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Key Insights

  • 🍄 Grace Helbig enjoys using HelloFresh for her dinners and creates fun cooking videos with their recipes.
  • 😘 HelloFresh offers a variety of recipes, including options for low-calorie meals, family-friendly dishes, and vegetarian options.
  • 🚚 HelloFresh provides convenience by delivering pre-measured ingredients and allowing flexibility in delivery days and meal preferences.
  • 😋 HelloFresh is committed to sustainability by reducing food waste through their packaging and ingredients.
  • 🧁 The meatloaf cupcakes recipe involves combining ingredients like beef, garlic, thyme, and shallots, and baking them in cupcake molds.
  • 🍳 Grace encounters some mishaps during the cooking process but still enjoys the final result.
  • 💚 The meatloaf cupcakes are served with green beans and potatoes, and topped with a homemade gravy.


okay things stuff everything all right today's what it is i don't like that phrase anymore at all oh no hi my name is grace helbig if you did not know now you know your life is different now welcome again to my kitchen it can only mean one thing we're gonna have a serious and uncomfortable political conversation i'm just kidding we're gonna cook th... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the premise of the video?

In the video, Grace Helbig attempts to make meatloaf cupcakes using a HelloFresh recipe and shares her experience with humor and wit.

Q: Why does Grace choose to use HelloFresh?

Grace mentions that she uses HelloFresh for her own dinners and appreciates the convenience of pre-measured ingredients and the variety of recipes.

Q: How does HelloFresh contribute to sustainability?

HelloFresh reduces food waste by providing pre-measured ingredients, which means less excess food that goes unused.

Q: How does HelloFresh give back to the community?

In 2019, HelloFresh donated 2.5 million meals to charities, and they are aiming to contribute more this year.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Grace Helbig is excited to try a HelloFresh recipe for meatloaf cupcakes.

  • She discusses the benefits of HelloFresh, including pre-measured ingredients and sustainability.

  • Grace makes the meatloaf cupcakes, encounters some mishaps, and enjoys the final result.

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