How Netflix Changed TheOdd1sOut | Summary and Q&A

March 22, 2023
The Create Unknown
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How Netflix Changed TheOdd1sOut


The content discusses the importance of appreciating the efforts put into creating animated shows and highlights the differences between YouTube and Netflix animation.

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Key Insights

  • 😀 The animation industry involves a vast amount of talent, hard work, and dedication from a large team of individuals.
  • πŸ›€ It is important to appreciate and recognize the efforts put into animated shows, considering the visual appeal and quality they offer.
  • πŸ’± The perspective on others' opinions may change when personally experiencing the challenges and process of creating animations.
  • ⚾ Differences exist between creating content for YouTube and Netflix, including resource limitations on YouTube and the ability to make script changes based on executive notes on Netflix.
  • πŸ›Ÿ The animation industry can be inefficient in certain aspects, such as canceled projects, but its ability to bring drawings to life is remarkable.
  • πŸ’‹ The narrator believes in sticking to their own creative vision and enjoying the process of creating animations.
  • βŒ› Pulling the plug on projects midway through production is a common occurrence in the industry, which can result in wasted time and resources.


you were looking at how many people were on my YouTube channel Kevin if you want to be blown away look at the if you look at the credits on the Netflix show there's like a hundred of people there you know there's all the first yeah like there's it's crazy how much work goes into just making cartoons move like honestly like working in the industry a... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why should we appreciate the effort put into creating animated shows?

Animated shows require a tremendous amount of talent, hard work, and dedication from a large team of people. Understanding and acknowledging the effort can help us appreciate the final product even more.

Q: How did the narrator defend the show "Velma"?

The narrator believes that despite any criticism or drama surrounding the show, it is essential to recognize the effort put into its creation. He encourages viewers to give credit to the show for its visual appeal and quality.

Q: How has the narrator's perspective on others' opinions changed?

The more the narrator works on animation projects, the more he becomes numb to others' opinions. He believes in focusing on creating what he wants to watch and enjoying the process, considering both positive and negative feedback as blended together.

Q: What are the differences between YouTube and Netflix animation, according to the narrator?

On YouTube, the narrator has to be careful about using limited resources and time. Once something is written and recorded, it remains unchanged. However, on Netflix, there is flexibility to make script and ending changes based on executive notes, which can be a time-consuming and uncertain process.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content emphasizes the hard work and talent behind creating animated projects and urges viewers to appreciate the effort that goes into making cartoons move.

  • The narrator mentions the show "Velma" and defends it, stating that many people worked hard on it and it should be given credit for its appearance.

  • The content mentions the narrator's own experience with creating a video about "The Dark Crystal" and how his perspective on others' opinions has changed over time.

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