How I use my air fryer and Cosori multi cooker| Dr Dray | Summary and Q&A

January 9, 2019
Dr Dray
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How I use my air fryer and Cosori multi cooker| Dr Dray


This video showcases a vegetarian meal prep using an airfryer and Kesari, including a weeknight soup recipe, baked chayote squash, baked radishes, and a simple spinach salad.

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Key Insights

  • 😒 The content creator emphasizes the use of natural, flavorful ingredients to enhance dishes without relying on excessive salt.
  • 🍦 The airfryer is showcased as a versatile tool for baking vegetables, providing a crispy exterior while keeping the insides soft.
  • 🕴️ The content creator's unique palate preferences may not suit everyone, but her recipes offer interesting alternatives for vegetarian cooking.
  • 🪜 Nutritional yeast is highlighted as a source of added B12 for vegans, with a cheesy flavor that complements dishes.
  • 😄 The content creator values her slow cooker settings for convenience and ease of use in meal preparation.
  • 🏪 The video provides a glimpse into the content creator's grocery haul and meal planning routine, with Costco and Kroger mentioned as preferred stores.
  • 🍌 Chayote squash is featured as an exotic fruit-like treat when sliced and baked in the airfryer.


well hey guys I hope your week weekend is going well I'm not exactly sure what day of the week this video is gonna go up but because I share with you guys my grocery hauls every week you have been asking me if I can show you how I prepare some of the veggies and stuff that I get at Costco and Kroger using my airfryer and my Kesari because I'm alway... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What are the main ingredients used in the weeknight soup recipe?

The main ingredients in the soup recipe are wild mushrooms, various vegetables (such as cabbage, parsnips, turnip, and onion), split green peas, and seasonings like herbs of Italy and true lime crystallized lemon.

Q: Why does the content creator not use salt in her recipes?

The content creator prefers not to use salt in her recipes to avoid overpowering the natural flavors of the ingredients. She believes that reducing excess salt in her diet enhances her ability to appreciate flavors.

Q: What is the purpose of using true lime crystallized lemon in the soup recipe?

True lime crystallized lemon adds a bright, citrusy flavor to the soup, enhancing the overall taste of the dish. It can be used as a substitute for fresh lemon juice.

Q: Why does the content creator leave the skin on vegetables like radishes when baking them?

The content creator keeps the skin on vegetables like radishes to retain their nutrients and add additional texture to the dish. The skins become crispy when baked.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video features a weeknight soup recipe made with wild mushrooms, vegetables, split green peas, and various seasonings.

  • The content also demonstrates how to bake chayote squash and radishes using an airfryer.

  • Additionally, the video shows a simple spinach salad recipe without dressing.

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