How I Run this YouTube Channel - Day in the Life | Summary and Q&A

November 13, 2021
Ali Abdaal
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How I Run this YouTube Channel - Day in the Life


A YouTuber and writer gives an insight into their busy day filled with meetings, collaborations, brainstorming sessions, and interviews.

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Key Insights

  • 📈 The content creator emphasizes the importance of focusing on creating excellent, inspiring, and educational content without being driven by external metrics.
  • 🏛️ Autonomy and the desire to build a brand beyond personal fame are common motivations for successful YouTubers.
  • 🪡 The content creator reflects on their journey and realizes the need to prioritize authenticity and personal satisfaction over chasing numbers and external validation.
  • 🎏 Collaboration and expanding revenue streams through merchandise or separate brands are strategies discussed among successful YouTubers.
  • ✍️ The content creator talks about the value of advice and inspiration gained from discussions with experienced professionals in the writing and marketing industry.
  • 🥳 Meetings, brainstorming sessions, and one-on-one sessions are essential to the content creator's productive and busy day.
  • 🤩 The role of a leadership team, consisting of key individuals responsible for different aspects of the business, helps make decisions and address important issues.


hey friends welcome back to the vlog so today is a monday and we're going to be doing a little day in the life so at the moment it's 9 00 am and we're chilling in like this area which is the uh business lounge in the building that i live in so the theory is that this is where i'll go each morning to help uh well to make myself sit down and write be... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Can you describe the team kickstarter meeting and its purpose?

The team kickstarter meeting is an all-hands meeting where the team discusses updates on various aspects of the business, such as the YouTube channel, podcast, courses, and more. It also includes a core values speech and a Q&A section to ensure everyone is aligned and clear on the organization's direction.

Q: What is the collaboration with the website developer about?

The content creator is collaborating with a website developer to design and code themes for the Ghost website builder. They aim to create their own premium themes with their unique aesthetic to encourage people to use Ghost and provide step-by-step videos about selling digital products online.

Q: How does the YouTube content brainstorming meeting work?

The YouTube content brainstorming meeting involves gathering the team in person to order food and brainstorm content ideas. They discuss the progress of various videos in production and explore new ways to provide value to their audience. This is the first time they are meeting in person for this activity.

Q: What is the purpose of the leadership team meeting and the one-on-one session?

The leadership team meeting is a weekly meeting where the content creator, head of operations, and executive assistant discuss various issues and make decisions related to the business. The one-on-one session with the head of operations allows for more specific discussions about the content creator's responsibilities and operations-related matters.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content creator starts the day at a business lounge to focus on writing a book.

  • There is a team kickstarter meeting where they discuss core values and clarify the organization's direction.

  • Collaborating with a website developer to design and code themes for a website builder called Ghost.

  • A YouTube content brainstorming meeting to generate content ideas and discuss video progress.

  • An interview on a podcast with a famous person.

  • Leadership team meeting and a one-on-one session with the head of operations.

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