How I Read 100 Books a Year - 8 Tips for Reading More | Summary and Q&A

October 30, 2019
Ali Abdaal
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How I Read 100 Books a Year - 8 Tips for Reading More


This video provides eight helpful tips for reading consistently, including getting a Kindle, not feeling obligated to finish books, and embracing diverse reading choices.

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Key Insights

  • 📱 Getting a Kindle can increase the number of books read per year by 40-50% and completely transforms the reading experience, making it easier to read consistently.
  • 💡 A mindset shift is needed to feel comfortable not finishing a book if it's not enjoyable, treating books more like articles or blog posts.
  • 📚 It's okay to not read classics and instead start with simple, enjoyable books to develop a reading habit before exploring more complex literature.
  • 📖 Skimming through books is also okay, especially when reading for enjoyment, and it's helpful to highlight and skim when reading non-fiction for information or inspiration.
    ⏰ Building reading into a daily routine, such as reading before bed, helps to consistently read for at least 20-30 minutes each day, increasing the number of books completed.
  • 🎧 Utilizing audiobook platforms like Audible allows for reading during activities like driving or working out, with fiction being a preferred genre for audiobooks.
  • 📚 Creating an account on Goodreads allows you to track and review books, receive recommendations, and develop a library of books read.
  • 💭 The service Readwise syncs with Amazon accounts to send daily emails with random highlights from past books, making it easy to revisit and apply life lessons from previous reads.


  • Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. In this video, I'm gonna be sharing eight tips that I find helpful for reading more consistently. So these days, I'm averaging about one or two books every week and this is alongside my full time job of being a doctor and my part time career of being a YouTuber and running a business on the side, all this st... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How can a Kindle help improve reading consistency?

A Kindle provides a convenient and accessible platform for reading, making it easier to incorporate reading into daily routines. Its features, such as adjustable lighting, easy page-turning, and portability, enhance the reading experience and encourage consistency.

Q: Why is it important to be okay with not finishing a book?

It's crucial to recognize that not every book will be enjoyable or resonate with everyone. By allowing yourself to stop reading a book that isn't engaging, you can spend more time reading books that you genuinely enjoy, which will ultimately lead to more consistent reading habits.

Q: How does the mindset of not reading classics contribute to reading consistency?

By freeing oneself from the belief that only classic literature is worth reading, individuals can focus on reading books that genuinely interest them and provide enjoyment. Starting with easy-to-read books, such as fantasy or fiction, helps develop a habit of consistent reading, leading to a broader reading repertoire.

Q: How does building reading into a daily routine help with consistency?

Incorporating reading into a daily routine, such as before bed, creates a habit and dedicated time for reading. By setting aside a specific time for reading, individuals are more likely to prioritize it and consistently engage in reading activities.

Q: How can Audible enhance reading consistency?

Audible allows individuals to listen to audiobooks during activities such as driving or exercising, expanding the opportunities for reading beyond traditional book formats. By utilizing Audible, individuals can continue to engage with books even when they are unable to physically read, thereby increasing overall reading consistency.

Q: How can Goodreads contribute to reading consistency?

Goodreads serves as a social network for books, providing a platform to track and review books. By actively engaging with Goodreads and documenting reading progress, individuals are more likely to maintain consistent reading habits and discover new book recommendations.

Q: How does Readwise help improve reading consistency?

Readwise allows individuals to resurface and review their book highlights, ensuring that valuable information from past readings is not forgotten. By making highlights easily accessible and searchable, Readwise encourages continued engagement with books and reading content, ultimately contributing to reading consistency.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Getting a Kindle can significantly improve the reading experience and increase the number of books read per year.

  • It's important to shift the mindset and realize that it's okay not to finish a book that isn't enjoyable or engaging.

  • Don't feel pressured to only read classics; start with books that you genuinely enjoy and are easy to read.

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