Has The Market Bottomed? | Summary and Q&A

April 19, 2023
Building Freedom
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Has The Market Bottomed?


The content discusses whether the market has reached its bottom, with technical indicators and earnings growth suggesting a potential turn in the market.

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Key Insights

  • ❎ The real GDP growth, when considering inflation, indicates a negative growth, supporting the argument for a recession.
  • ✋ Technical indicators, such as higher tops and higher bottoms, suggest a potential market bottom.
  • 📈 Companies are outperforming expectations during the current earnings season, indicating a positive trend.
  • 🖕 Market bottoms have historically occurred in the middle of a recession, and current indicators align with this pattern.
  • ↩ī¸ The market's return during recessions varies, but historical data suggests that further significant downturn may not be imminent.
  • đŸĢĩ Analyst predictions should be viewed with caution, as their track record of accurately predicting market movements is not always reliable.
  • 👀 The content acknowledges the possibility of short-term selling pressure but suggests looking for potential buying signals to confirm the uptrend.


thank you hello my fellow Freedom Builders and welcome back to the channel now today's question is the one that everyone wants to get answered and that is has the market bottomed now if you don't want to hear my lengthy explanation I can tell you right away that yes I think the market has bottomed there are some technical issues where we are starti... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the definition of a recession?

A recession is typically characterized by two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth on an annualized basis.

Q: Is the market currently in a recession?

While the official GDP growth numbers may not indicate a recession, considering the real GDP growth (GDP minus inflation), there is an argument for the market being in a recession.

Q: What are the technical indicators suggesting about the market?

The technical analysis shows higher tops and higher bottoms on the weekly chart, which can be an indication that the market has bottomed.

Q: How are companies performing during the current earnings season?

Many companies are performing better than expected during the earnings season, suggesting that the market may be turning around.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content explores the argument that a recession is needed for a market bottom, but questions whether the current situation can be considered a recession.

  • The analysis looks at the real GDP, considering inflation, and argues that it indicates a negative GDP growth.

  • The discussion also focuses on earnings growth, highlighting that companies are performing better than expected during the current earnings season.

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