Harvard Venture Stories - Nix Biosensors | Summary and Q&A

May 24, 2018
Harvard Innovation Labs
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Harvard Venture Stories - Nix Biosensors


NYX's patch-based sensor solves the issue of involuntary dehydration in athletes by providing accurate hydration management, preventing performance compromise.

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Key Insights

  • ⚾ NYX's patch-based sensor addresses the gap in accurate hydration management for athletes.
  • 😣 Hydration is a fundamental aspect of performance, and dehydration can have severe consequences.
  • ❓ Pitching a product requires confidence, clear communication, and attention to branding.
  • 🍧 Memorizing a pitch is less effective than having a conversation with the audience.
  • ❓ The telling of a compelling story can significantly impact investors' perception of a company.


there are 64 million athletes in the US elites and amateurs alike that are compromising their safety and performance as a result of involuntary dehydration this is happening because athletes have no better method to manage their hydration than guessing and that method leaves them getting it wrong up to 80% of the time I'm Meredith Unger founder and... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What problem do athletes currently face with hydration management?

Athletes have no reliable method to manage their hydration, leading to involuntary dehydration. Guessing their hydration needs often leads to incorrect decisions, compromising their safety and performance.

Q: How does NYX's patch-based sensor work?

The patch-based sensor is applied to the skin to track sweat and provide accurate hydration readings. It measures sweat electrolyte levels, allowing athletes to determine if they need replenishing drinks with electrolytes.

Q: What inspired the founder of NYX to create the hydration sensing technology?

The founder, Meredith Unger, had struggled with hydration during her first marathon and identified a market opportunity. She combined biosensor technology with consumer wearables to create a user-friendly and affordable solution.

Q: What are the consequences of dehydration in athletes?

Dehydration can have serious consequences, with up to 12 athletes dying every year due to severe dehydration. Even mild dehydration carries a 20% decrease in performance.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • There are 64 million athletes in the US who often compromise their safety and performance due to involuntary dehydration.

  • Athletes currently rely on guessing to manage their hydration, which is inaccurate up to 80% of the time.

  • NYX's patch-based sensor tracks sweat to provide accurate readings of hydration levels, allowing athletes to make informed decisions.

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