Harvard i-lab | Crimson on Cardinal -- Startup Throwdown | Summary and Q&A

December 17, 2013
Harvard Innovation Labs
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Harvard i-lab | Crimson on Cardinal -- Startup Throwdown


These startups are disrupting traditional industries with innovative solutions, making a positive impact on the environment, health, and society.

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Key Insights

  • 💗 Startups like Revivo Energy Chews are catering to the growing demand for healthier and more sustainable alternatives to traditional energy drinks.
  • 🚱 Platforms like Cardis are leveraging technology to provide a better understanding of non-profit activities and enable individuals to make a more significant impact in their communities.
  • 😎 EcoVent's wireless system offers a more efficient and customizable solution to heating and cooling, reducing energy waste and improving comfort levels.


our moderator tonight is scott kirschner i assume if you're in this room you probably already know him if you don't you should i can hear him make an audible groan when i say he's probably the most influential innovate innovation reporter blogger author event planner party attender presenter at the innovation lab and actually i was going to point t... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does Revivo Energy Chews differentiate itself from other energy drinks on the market?

Revivo Energy Chews sets itself apart by offering a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks. With no preservatives, GMOs, and a lower calorie count, it provides a more natural and nutritious energy boost.

Q: How does Cardis gather information for its platform, and how can it ensure the accuracy of the data?

Cardis relies on individuals and organizations uploading their experiences to the platform. The accuracy of the data is maintained through the validation process, where users can rate and review the experiences shared, ensuring the reliability of the information.

Q: How does EcoVent's wireless system work, and what benefits does it offer compared to traditional heating and cooling systems?

EcoVent's wireless system uses smart vents and sensors to create personalized temperature control. It ensures that heating and cooling is only provided when and where needed, resulting in energy and cost savings. Additionally, it eliminates hot and cold spots, providing a more comfortable living environment.

Q: What has been the public's response to Six Foods' insect-based snacks, and how do you plan to tackle the initial aversion to eating insects?

We have received positive feedback from our taste tests and have found that people are willing to try and enjoy our products once they overcome the initial aversion. We plan to promote the environmental and health benefits of insect consumption, educate about their safety and nutritional value, and focus on creating delicious and visually appealing products to change the perception around eating insects.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Revivo Energy Chews offer a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks, providing a quick energy boost without the harmful chemicals and high calories.

  • Cardis is a platform that enables users to have a comprehensive view of non-profit activities, allowing them to find the best ways to make an impact in their communities.

  • EcoVent aims to revolutionize the heating and cooling industry by providing a wireless system that allows for personalized temperature control in each room, resulting in energy and cost savings.

  • Six Foods is working towards popularizing insects as a sustainable and nutritious source of protein, with a line of packaged snacks made from insects.

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