Hamas Attacks Israel and Netanyahu Declares War || Peter Zeihan | Summary and Q&A

October 8, 2023
Zeihan on Geopolitics
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Hamas Attacks Israel and Netanyahu Declares War || Peter Zeihan


Hamas launched an attack on Israel, causing a potential war situation, with Ukraine offering support and the Saudi-Israeli normalization program at stake.

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Key Insights

  • 🌍 The political terror group Hamas launched an attack into Israel, resulting in kidnappings and missile attacks. The situation is highly volatile with Netanyahu declaring war on Hamas.
  • 💔 The Ukrainian government offers support to Israel, which is significant as Israel has been hesitant in supporting Ukraine against Russian invasion.
  • 💣 The tactics used by Hamas are familiar and there is potential Russian involvement, as Hamas' senior leadership has been in Moscow frequently.
  • 🤝 Saudi Arabia and Israel have been in negotiations for normalization. The debate within Saudi Arabia revolves around whether to prioritize Palestinians or normalize relations with Israel.
  • 👑 The power struggle in Saudi Arabia between the older generation backing Palestinians and the younger generation led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who doesn't prioritize them will have significant geopolitical implications.
  • 🛢️ The change in Saudi Arabia's political stance towards Israel could impact regional affairs, backed by their status as the world's largest oil producer and exporter.
  • 💥 Jerusalem and Tel Aviv's response to Ukraine and Riyadh's response to Hamas will provide key insights into how the log jam of geopolitical events may unfold.
  • 🔍 The situation presents an opportunity to observe the shifts in power dynamics and political alignments in the Middle East, which could have far-reaching consequences.


hey everyone Peter Z here coming to you from Central Texas it is the 7th of October and the news today is that in the early hours of today Hamas the political terror group based on your politics that controls the southern Enclave of Gaza in southern Israel uh launched an attack into Israel proper uh demolishing a little bit of the Border uh land se... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What are the implications of Ukraine's support for Israel in this situation?

Ukraine's swift support for Israel against Hamas signifies a potential shift in the dynamics between the two countries. It poses the question of whether this support will change Israel's stance towards Ukraine and their response to the Russian invasion.

Q: Is there any evidence of Russian involvement in Hamas' attack?

While there is no direct evidence of Russian involvement, the similar tactics used by Hamas and the group's ties with Russian leadership raise questions about potential collaboration and support. The fact that senior Hamas leaders have frequently visited Moscow adds to the suspicions.

Q: How does the Hamas attack impact the Saudi-Israeli normalization program?

The attack by Hamas and the ongoing debate within Saudi Arabia about abandoning the Palestinians could have significant implications for the Saudi-Israeli normalization program. The stance of the younger generation, led by Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, who favors normalization, may determine the course Saudi Arabia takes.

Q: What are the potential consequences if Saudi Arabia switches sides and normalizes relations with Israel?

If Saudi Arabia aligns with Israel and normalizes relations, it will have far-reaching implications. As the world's largest oil producer and exporter, Saudi Arabia's political stance change would impact regional affairs, influencing other Middle Eastern countries and potentially reshaping power dynamics in the region.

Q: How does the situation between Hamas and Israel affect the population in Israel?

Dealing with groups like Hamas poses an existential issue for the Israeli population. While they have tried to maintain communication with Russia to manipulate events in the Arab world, the attack by Hamas may change the mindset of the Israeli people and their willingness to engage in conflict. The situation instills a sense of urgency and concern for their security.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Hamas launched an attack on Israel, resulting in destruction of the border and kidnapping of civilians and soldiers.

  • Ukraine offers support to Israel, which highlights the tension between the two countries.

  • The Saudi-Israeli normalization program is under debate, with the younger generation in Saudi Arabia leaning towards abandoning the Palestinians.

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