H3 After Dark - #9 | Summary and Q&A

October 23, 2020
H3 Podcast
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H3 After Dark - #9


A collection of odd and peculiar content, including a man waiting for a friend, a woman experiencing a shopping mishap, and a dangerous stunt gone wrong.

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Key Insights

  • 😑 The host expresses gratitude towards Jay-Z for his support in a video.
  • 👻 The Content Court video received mixed reactions from the subject, highlighting the host's preparation and effort.
  • 😪 The host discusses the challenges of sleep regression and the effects on his child's sleep patterns.


jay-z always grateful to him for coming out and making that song for us you know he didn't have to do that i know he's a busy guy billionaire actually they say jay-z is a billionaire i think he'll be a billionaire someday me i think you'll be the first youtube billionaire i don't think i could handle it i didn't ask if you could handle it jay-z alw... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the purpose of the video about Jay-Z?

The host expresses gratitude and admiration for Jay-Z's support in a video.

Q: What is the highlight of the episode mentioned?

The highlight is a discussion of the Content Court video and the controversial reaction it received.

Q: What is the reason for the host shaving his eyebrows and hair?

The host shaved his eyebrows and hair for a video, and he reflects on his experience without them.

Q: What is the host's plan for a future episode?

The host mentions working on a special episode and attempting to get Dr. Drew to mediate a discussion with Trisha Paytas.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Jay-Z is mentioned and praised for his support in an online video.

  • The host apologizes for technical difficulties during the live stream.

  • A clip of the host's Content Court video is discussed, with mixed reactions from the subject of the video.

  • The host talks about shaving his eyebrows and hair for a video and the experience of being without them.

  • The host discusses the sleep regression his child is going through and the challenges it has presented.

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