Guy Kawasaki: Are You Ready to Roll the DICEE? | Summary and Q&A

March 7, 2011
Stanford eCorner
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Guy Kawasaki: Are You Ready to Roll the DICEE?

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In this video, the speaker introduces the concept of DICEE as an acronym for qualities that make a product great. DICEE stands for Depth, Intelligence, Completeness, Empowerment, and Elegance. The speaker uses the example of Ford's MyKey feature to illustrate the importance of intelligence in a product, as well as emphasizes the significance of completeness, empowerment, and elegance in creating a successful product.

Questions & Answers

Q: What does the "D" in DICEE represent?

The "D" in DICEE stands for Depth. Great products are deep, offering lots of features and functionality. They anticipate users' needs and provide a comprehensive solution. This depth allows users to fully explore and utilize the product.

Q: Can you provide an example of intelligent product design?

One example of an intelligent product is Ford's MyKey feature. MyKey allows users to program the top speed of a car, providing an intelligent solution for parents who want to restrict the speed at which their children can drive. This demonstrates that someone has thought about the potential pain points or concerns of users and has created a product that addresses them.

Q: What does completeness mean in the context of great products?

Completeness refers to the totality of a product, beyond just its digital installation or basic functionality. Great products are not only the core product itself but also include documentation, online support, and a series of enhancements. It encompasses everything that adds value and enhances the overall user experience.

Q: How do great products empower users?

Great products empower users by making them feel more creative, productive, and at ease. They provide tools and features that allow users to accomplish their goals more effectively, saving time and effort. A powerful product instills confidence and brings joy to its users, giving them a sense of control and satisfaction.

Q: Can you explain the importance of elegance in product design?

Elegance refers to the user interface of a product. Great products have a well-designed and intuitive interface that demonstrates attention to detail and user experience. An elegant interface shows that the creators care about usability and have put thought into making the product visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Q: Why is it important to consider DICEE when creating a product?

Considering DICEE when creating a product ensures that it is well-rounded and meets users' needs on multiple levels. A deep product with intelligence anticipates users' needs, while completeness ensures a holistic experience. Empowerment means giving users added value and satisfaction, and elegance enhances user satisfaction and promotes ease of use. By rolling the DICEE, creators can ensure they are creating a product that offers a comprehensive, enjoyable, and powerful experience.


Creating great products requires considering the qualities represented by DICEE: Depth, Intelligence, Completeness, Empowerment, and Elegance. A successful product goes beyond just its core features and is deep, offering comprehensive solutions. It anticipates users' needs, demonstrates intelligence, and understands their pain points. The product should be complete, encompassing documentation, support, and enhancements. It should empower users, making them more creative, productive, and joyful. Finally, the product should have an elegant user interface, showcasing attention to detail and enhancing usability. By considering DICEE, creators can ensure they are developing products that provide a satisfying and remarkable user experience.

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