Going Down the Rabbit Hole With June Lin (Conversationalist, Writer, Designer) | Summary and Q&A

September 5, 2021
Vicky Zhao [BEEAMP]
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Going Down the Rabbit Hole With June Lin (Conversationalist, Writer, Designer)


Jun and Vicky discuss the challenges of sharing personal stories and cultural identities, finding resonance in individual experiences, and navigating the complexities of language and cultural intersectionality.

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Key Insights

  • 🥺 The exploration of personal stories and cultural identity often leads to falling into rabbit holes of memories, challenging the authenticity of experiences. (Insight 1)
  • 💄 Communicating personal stories can be complex, as different audiences may resonate with different aspects, making it important to embrace vulnerability and specificity. (Insight 2)
  • ❓ External events, such as the events of 2020, can give permission for deeper examination of cultural intersectionality and individual experiences. (Insight 3)
  • 🖐️ Language plays a significant role in shaping perception and emotional reactions, contributing to the complexity of storytelling and cultural identity. (Insight 4)
  • 👨‍🔬 The desire to fit in and mold oneself to different groups can create a disconnect and a search for identity and belonging. (Insight 5)
  • ⁉️ Cultural experiences can be unique yet universal, as individuals realize their distinctiveness while also questioning their sense of belonging. (Insight 6)
  • ⁉️ Personal exploration of cultural identity involves questioning preconceived notions and finding patterns within individual stories. (Insight 7)


hi everyone it's vicky i talk about mental models and clear thinking clear communications on youtube and today i'm chatting with jun and so let's pass it to june 1st to let us know who she is and what we'll be talking about today hi i am a long time print publication designer and editor and uh lately i've been working a lot on my own writing so i'm... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How do Jun's personal experiences as a Taiwanese immigrant influence her exploration of culture and storytelling?

Jun's experiences of growing up with Taiwanese immigrant parents in the United States inform her understanding of culture and its connection to storytelling, as she grapples with questions of authenticity and the construction of memory.

Q: How does Jun navigate the challenges of sharing her personal stories with different audiences?

Jun finds comfort in writing pieces that are meant to comfort herself, as this vulnerability and specificity resonate with readers who may also feel isolated in their experiences. She embraces the idea that different parts of her story may resonate with different people.

Q: How does language play a role in shaping one's perception of culture and identity?

Jun and Vicky discuss how language evokes emotional reactions and influences the way stories are shared and understood. They share their experiences of feeling like different people when speaking different languages and the complexities this adds to their cultural identities.

Q: Has Jun faced challenges and fears in sharing her personal stories?

Jun admits to feeling scared and nervous when sharing her stories, often posting only small snippets as she grapples with the fear of judgment and criticism. She hopes that her stories will resonate with others but acknowledges the uncertainty of how they will be received.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Jun, a print publication designer and writer, shares her experience of falling into rabbit holes while writing her book on culture and storytelling, leading her to explore her own memories and question her constructed perceptions.

  • Both Jun and Vicky discuss the challenges of communicating their personal experiences to different audiences and finding ways to establish connections and resonance.

  • The conversation delves into the impact of external events, such as the events of 2020, in shaping personal exploration of cultural identity and understanding the significance of one's own experiences.

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