Giving Away $1.2 Billion To Strangers | Summary and Q&A

August 15, 2022
Simon Squibb
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Giving Away $1.2 Billion To Strangers


The Purposeful Project aims to transform education and empower individuals to create their own businesses through free resources and microfunding.

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Key Insights

  • 🍃 The industrial revolution brought about significant change but left the education system largely untouched.
  • 🎓 The Purposeful Project aims to disrupt traditional education by emphasizing creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • 🥶 The project offers free resources and microfunding to support aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • 🧠 Manifesting goals and retraining the brain are crucial steps in achieving success.
  • 🤑 Asking for advice rather than directly seeking money can lead to financial support.
  • ❓ The community of entrepreneurs is encouraged to support each other in the journey of entrepreneurship.
  • 💨 Sharing the Purposeful Project's message and joining the movement are ways to contribute and receive support.


today we're doing something special we'll be giving away money to people just like you to help them start a business you may be wondering why is this crazy guy giving away all his money what are these people going to do with this money well to answer these questions we're going to have to go back back to the 1800s the industrial revolution one of t... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why is the education system still largely the same since the industrial revolution?

The education system was designed to produce a skilled workforce for the industrial revolution and has not undergone significant changes since then.

Q: What are the goals of the Purposeful Project?

The Purposeful Project aims to promote creativity, innovation, financial literacy, risk-taking, and entrepreneurship in education.

Q: How can individuals access resources and support from the Purposeful Project?

People can leverage free resources and services offered by organizations in the startup business world, participate in webinars and accelerators, and connect with the Purposeful Project's community of entrepreneurs.

Q: What is the approach to obtaining funding from the Purposeful Project?

Instead of directly asking for money, individuals are encouraged to seek advice and support. The project believes that by asking for advice, one is more likely to receive financial assistance.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The industrial revolution brought significant changes to society, including the introduction of the education system that remains largely unchanged today.

  • The Purposeful Project seeks to revolutionize education by promoting creative expression, innovation, financial literacy, and risk-taking.

  • Additionally, the project aims to replace job centers with startup centers and provide microfunding and support to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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