GIANT February Book Haul!! (Sorry Wallet lol) | Summary and Q&A

February 24, 2018
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GIANT February Book Haul!! (Sorry Wallet lol)


A book lover shares their recent book haul, showcasing a variety of genres and highly recommended titles.

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Key Insights

  • 😑 The content creator is an avid reader and collector of books, expressing their passion for reading and bookish communities like Books Amino.
  • 📔 The books mentioned in the haul cover various genres, including dark fantasy, mystery, historical fiction, contemporary, and paranormal.
  • 📔 The content creator values recommendations from book communities, emphasizing the positive reviews of the books they purchased.
  • 🦔 The collector's edition and special features, such as illustrations and colored page edges, are appealing to the content creator.
  • 👶 The content creator highlights their anticipation for new releases and sequels, showcasing their engagement with the book community.
  • 💪 The inclusion of diverse perspectives, strong female characters, and relevant social issues in some books adds depth and intrigue to the stories.
  • ⌛ The mention of books with unique concepts, such as time as currency and alternate historical settings, indicates the content creator's interest in unconventional narratives.


guys its Reagan and today I'm here to do a huge February book haul and you know you know I'm not even sorry about it I'm part of the avid readers Club per my t-shirt no but but seriously I love books and I love to read I love collecting books I got a lot of books this month because there was a lot of incredible books that came out recently so there... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the significance of the bookish community app mentioned in the video?

The bookish community app, Books Amino, provides a platform for users to discuss and share their thoughts on newly released books, favorite books, and specific fandoms. It offers features such as reviews, polls, quizzes, voice chat, and live chat.

Q: Could you provide more details about the book "Everless" by Sara Holland?

"Everless" is a dark fantasy novel set in a world where time is used as currency. The rich exploit the poor by buying their time, and the story follows Jules, the main character, who must confront terrifying obstacles to save her father. The book has received positive reviews.

Q: What is the premise of "Truly Devious" by Maureen Johnson?

"Truly Devious" is set in a prestigious private academy in Vermont, where the wife and daughter of the school's founder were kidnapped years ago. Stevie Bell, a crime aficionado, starts her first year at the academy and aims to uncover its secrets. This intriguing mystery has been well-received.

Q: Can you provide more information about "The Great Alone" by Kristen Hannah?

Kristen Hannah, known for her historical fiction novel "The Nightingale," wrote "The Great Alone," set in 1974 Alaska. The story follows a family in crisis as they face the ultimate test of survival in the harsh Alaskan wilderness. The book explores familial conflict, strength, and the impact of the Vietnam War.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content creator reveals three books inspired by a bookish community app called Books Amino, which has reviews, quizzes, and polls related to various books and fandoms.

  • They then discuss their most anticipated books of 2018, including dark fantasy, mystery, and novella titles.

  • The content creator also highlights other books they picked up, such as a collector's edition, young adult fantasy, historical fiction, and a mix of other genres.

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