GET ORGANIZED WITH ME | decluttering and cleaning my apartment | Summary and Q&A

January 15, 2021
Caitlin's Corner
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GET ORGANIZED WITH ME | decluttering and cleaning my apartment


In this video, the content creator tackles small organization projects in her apartment, including decluttering spaces above her fridge and microwave and organizing her beauty cabinet.

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Key Insights

  • đŸĨē Procrastination can lead to small organization tasks accumulating and becoming overwhelming.
  • 🛩ī¸ Focusing on small organization projects can be more enjoyable and manageable.
  • đŸĨē Decluttering and organizing spaces can lead to a clearer and more functional living environment.
  • 🏂 Regularly cleaning and maintaining items, such as makeup brushes and cutting boards, contributes to their longevity and effectiveness.
  • 🤑 Grouping similar items together and separating frequently used items from less frequently used ones can improve organization.
  • 👾 Discarding unused or expired items helps reduce clutter and create more space.
  • 🤗 Taking time to assess and reorganize spaces can lead to a better understanding of what items are on hand and prevent unnecessary purchases.


over the last few weeks i've had many organization projects around my apartment that i just keep saying oh i need to get to that i need to get to this and i just don't end up doing it and now it's at the point where the list is growing and i feel like i need to tackle it before it becomes a beast that is too overwhelming so that's what i'm gonna do... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why does the content creator emphasize the importance of tackling small organization projects?

The content creator believes that focusing on small tasks at a time is less overwhelming and allows for better results in organizing spaces effectively.

Q: How does the content creator prioritize items when organizing her beauty cabinet?

The content creator groups similar items together, separates frequently used items from those used less frequently, and creates space for potential new additions.

Q: What does the content creator discover during the organization process?

The content creator finds various items she didn't realize she had, such as extra cleaning product clips, old mascara tubes, and an old makeup palette that she decides to discard.

Q: What is the content creator's approach to cleaning makeup brushes?

The content creator uses pure castile soap to clean her makeup brushes, emphasizing the importance of regular brush cleaning for hygiene purposes.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content creator takes on organization projects above her fridge and microwave, spending about 20-30 minutes on each.

  • She clears out and dusts the areas, discarding items that are no longer needed.

  • The content creator also organizes her beauty cabinet, decluttering and arranging products in a more functional way.

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