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March 26, 2015
The Art Assignment
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Find Your Band Highlights | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios


Participants explore the sounds of everyday life to create their own unique bands and musical compositions.

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Key Insights

  • 🛟 The assignment encouraged participants to explore the musical potential in their surroundings, showcasing the ubiquity of noise-making in our daily lives.
  • 🤕 Collaborative approaches, such as group assignments or improvisations, resulted in successful band findings.
  • 😒 The use of editing and mixing techniques in creating music was celebrated and deemed just as valid as impromptu performances.
  • 😑 Participants expressed personal and meaningful connections through their band choices, reflecting their individual experiences and perspectives.
  • 👻 The audio recordings allowed audiences to immerse themselves in the soundscape, creating a more intimate music-listening experience.
  • 👂 The incorporation of body sounds highlighted a deeper awareness and appreciation of the rhythms and capabilities of our own bodies.
  • 💨 Participants' responses demonstrated the diverse and creative ways in which individuals interpret and execute the assignment.


[CHANNEL MUSIC] Hey, guys. Today we're going to talk about your responses to the Bang on a Can assignment, and that was to find your band. Mark Stewart and Julia Wolff explained it this way. Your assignment is to go through your day and you notice all the sounds around you, as you go through your day. Choose one of those sounds, or a group of those... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Sophie create her band using items in her desk?

Sophie, a drummer, made use of the items in her desk as her band by incorporating their sounds. She used objects like pens, paper, and staplers to create rhythmic beats and unique soundscapes. This allowed her to express her musicality even without a formal outlet.

Q: How did The Collective approach the assignment as a group?

The Collective, an arts program for teens, tackled the assignment as a group at an art museum. They explored the museum environment and identified everyday objects like Plexiglass holders and cardboard boxes as potential band members. Their collaboration and comfort with one another resulted in a successful band finding experience.

Q: How did Y2K Snowglobe create their band, and what was the inspiration behind it?

Y2K Snowglobe created a band by combining their body sounds, breathing, pill bottles, medical bracelet, and voice. Their goal was to bridge the gap between their body and mind, given their congenital heart defects. The band was a personal reflection of their experience, expressing sincerity and individuality.

Q: What approach did Dan Jones take in creating his musical composition?

Dan Jones utilized the sounds he found in his studio to create a tune. Through editing and mixing, he transformed these sounds into a cohesive musical piece. His composition demonstrated that editing and mixing are valid and meaningful ways to make music.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video assignment asks participants to find their band by noticing the sounds around them in their daily lives and choosing one or a group of sounds to create music.

  • Many participants found music in ordinary activities, such as breakfast routines or desk items, showcasing the commonality of making noise in our daily lives.

  • Participants utilized various approaches, including audio recordings, group collaborations, and using their own bodies' sounds, resulting in diverse and interesting musical compositions.

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