Family Office Marketing Trifecta (Zurich) | Summary and Q&A

April 7, 2013
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Family Office Marketing Trifecta (Zurich)


The capital raising trifecta consists of writing, speaking, and proactive selling as key strategies to efficiently raise capital.

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Key Insights

  • 🫡 Writing books, articles, and white papers can enhance credibility and knowledge in the industry, earning respect from potential investors.
  • 🥶 Speaking at conferences and events offers opportunities to connect with investors and eliminates the need for extensive cold calling efforts.
  • ❓ Proactive selling, combined with effective storytelling and follow-up practices, increases the chances of securing investments.
  • 🥺 Viewing speaking as a ladder of progress and continuously improving presentation skills can lead to more impactful engagements.
  • 💭 Providing genuine value to the audience during speaking engagements is crucial in establishing oneself as a thought leader and attracting potential investors.
  • 🙊 By implementing marketing and sales best practices, along with writing and speaking efforts, capital raising becomes more successful.
  • 🙌 The capital raising trifecta is not limited to specific industries and can benefit anyone looking to raise capital more efficiently.


hello this is richard wilson and today i want to talk to you about something called the capital raising trifecta i'm actually here in zurich switzerland to chair a conference on family office ultra high net worth investments and hedge funds and i wrote a chapter of a book yesterday that i'm writing a book on family offices and it was about capital ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does writing contribute to raising capital?

Writing, such as books and white papers, demonstrates expertise and knowledge on specific topics, increasing credibility and attracting potential investors who value industry knowledge.

Q: How can speaking engagements help with raising capital?

Speaking at conferences and universities provides opportunities to showcase expertise and deliver value, which can lead to connections with potential investors who are impressed by insightful presentations.

Q: What is the benefit of proactive selling in capital raising?

Proactive selling, including marketing and sales strategies, allows for effective communication, storytelling, and follow-up with potential investors. It helps establish trust and generate reciprocal interest, ultimately leading to successful capital raising efforts.

Q: How can the capital raising trifecta be implemented by anyone?

The trifecta model is not exclusive to the family office industry. It can be applied by anyone involved in capital raising to improve their efficiency and attract more potential investors.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The capital raising trifecta is a model that includes writing, speaking, and proactive selling to raise capital more efficiently and attract potential investors.

  • Writing books, articles, blog posts, white papers, and research reports builds knowledge and credibility in the industry, which can impress potential investors.

  • Speaking at conferences, panels, universities, and respected events reduces the need for cold calling and allows for direct interaction with potential investors.

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