Exam Stress and Time Management | SAP CLINIC LIVE | Summary and Q&A

May 28, 2020
Justin Sung
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Exam Stress and Time Management | SAP CLINIC LIVE


Optimize your attention management instead of time management to enhance productivity.

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Key Insights

  • ⌛ Attention management, rather than time management, is crucial for optimizing productivity and focus.
  • ✋ Building a flexible schedule based on when our attention and focus are naturally and consistently at their highest can enhance efficiency.
  • 🥅 Prioritizing tasks and using minimum viable goals can prevent procrastination and increase motivation.


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Questions & Answers

Q: How can attention management help with exam stress?

Attention management helps by allowing individuals to focus on breaking down the exam preparation process into manageable tasks and optimizing their attention during study periods. It also helps individuals address the specific stress response they experience during exams.

Q: How can one break out of the cycle of exam-related stress and pressure?

Breaking out of the cycle involves acknowledging the thought-action fusion, using techniques like thought-action diffusion, and gradually exposing oneself to exam-related situations. It also requires implementing relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, and practicing mindfulness to reduce anxiety.

Q: How can attention management be applied to social media usage?

By using attention management, individuals can allocate specific time slots for using social media instead of trying to completely avoid it. They can set limits on their usage and prioritize other tasks when needed, incorporating social media as a break or reward during scheduled study or work periods.

Q: How can one increase productivity and overcome procrastination?

Minimum viable goals and procrastinating procrastination can be effective strategies. Breaking tasks into smaller, more manageable steps and gradually increasing the level of focus and effort can help individuals build momentum and accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video discusses the importance of managing attention over time, emphasizing the need to be aware of where our focus and energy are at all times.

  • The speaker suggests using a system of prioritizing tasks and scheduling them based on when our attention is most likely to be focused and productive.

  • Attention management allows for flexibility and optimization, leading to a sustainable approach to productivity.

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