ep 31 - Communicating in Crypto, and Beyond | Summary and Q&A

December 24, 2023
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ep 31 - Communicating in Crypto, and Beyond


Learn how to communicate well in technical and crypto industries, including tips on handling decentralized organizations, remote work, and open-source projects. Gain insights on building strong connections, resolving conflicts, and presenting information to different stakeholders.

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Key Insights

  • 🤗 Effective communication is vital in the technical and crypto industries, where decentralized organizations, remote work, and open-source projects are prevalent.
  • 👂 Listening actively and providing structured communication can enhance understanding and engagement.
  • 💍 Emotional connections and storytelling can be powerful tools for engaging and influencing listeners.
  • 😒 The use of various communication structures, such as problem-solution-benefit, comparison-contrast-conclusion, and what-so-what-now-what, can help convey information effectively.
  • 😒 In hybrid and decentralized settings, inclusivity, effective use of technology, and mindful communication practices are essential for success.
  • ☢️ Recovering from conflicts requires active listening, understanding others' perspectives, and resolving issues collaboratively.
  • 💁 Adapting communication strategies to different stakeholders is vital for effective information presentation and engagement.


welcome to web 3 with A6 and Z they show about building the Next Generation the internet from the team at A6 andz crypto that includes me your host sonal Choy today's episode is relevant to all our listeners and Beyond which is on how to communicate well especially for crypto but also for other technical Industries or distributed and remote and hyb... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why is effective communication important in the crypto industry?

Communication is crucial for efficient and effective coordination in decentralized organizations. It ensures that projects run smoothly and prevents errors and misunderstandings. Effective communication helps crypto professionals achieve their goals and effectively convey their ideas to stakeholders.

Q: How can we communicate well in remote and hybrid work settings?

In hybrid or remote work settings, it is vital to be mindful of including all team members. Using videoconferencing tools, asking for input from all participants, and setting clear expectations can enhance communication in these settings. Additionally, promoting active listening and creating opportunities for remote team members to contribute can foster collaboration.

Q: How can we recover from conflicts during spontaneous communication?

When conflicts arise, it is important to approach them as opportunities for further conversation and understanding. Active listening, asking clarifying questions, and understanding the perspectives of all involved parties can help resolve conflicts and maintain positive relationships. Apologizing quickly and taking responsibility for mistakes can also help in resolving conflicts.

Q: How can we effectively present information to different stakeholders?

To present information effectively, consider the specific needs and interests of each stakeholder group. Adapt your communication style, structure your message around their priorities, and use relevant examples and analogies to make complex ideas more accessible. By focusing on what each stakeholder cares about, you can ensure your message resonates with them.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • In today's episode, the focus is on how to communicate effectively in technical and crypto industries, which often involve decentralized organizations, remote work, and open-source projects.

  • Host Sonal Choy invites guest Matt Abrams, an expert in strategic communication and author of "Think Fast Talk Smart," to share insights and strategies for spontaneous communication, technical communication, and resolving conflicts.

  • They discuss the importance of listening, providing structure to conversations, and adapting communication styles based on the audience. They also emphasize the value of emotional connections and the power of storytelling to engage listeners.

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