Education Can Stop a Pandemic | Amiya Stroumza | TEDxYouth@SHC | Summary and Q&A

September 27, 2023
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Education Can Stop a Pandemic | Amiya Stroumza | TEDxYouth@SHC

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In this video, the speaker shares her experience of how her science teacher reframed the pandemic for their class, inspiring her to explore and learn about science. She discusses the positive outcomes that many people found during the pandemic, such as discovering new hobbies, strengthening family bonds, and advancements in healthcare and education. The speaker emphasizes the importance of reframing our perspective to see the bigger picture and find opportunities for growth.

Questions & Answers

Q: How did the speaker first learn about the importance of washing hands correctly?

The speaker first learned about the importance of washing hands correctly when her science teacher displayed a chart showing the seven steps to proper handwashing. The teacher explained the significance and rarity of knowing how to wash hands correctly, and then had the class practice the steps together.

Q: How did the speaker's science teacher reframe the pandemic?

Rather than instilling fear or alarm in her students, the science teacher used the pandemic as an opportunity to teach wisdom and share goodness. She emphasized the importance of handwashing and protecting oneself from germs. By reframing the pandemic in a positive light, the teacher empowered the students to make a change and take control of their own health.

Q: How did the shift to distance learning affect the speaker?

The shift to distance learning caused the speaker to feel overwhelmed and devastated. She missed the social interaction and sense of community that school provided. Additionally, her outdoor education trip was canceled, further adding to her disappointment.

Q: How did the speaker find hope and overcome her feelings of overwhelm during the pandemic?

The speaker found hope and overcame her feelings of overwhelm by following the example of her science teacher. Instead of being frightened and worried by the news, she took an interest in science and started exploring various scientific topics. By joining her school's science club and engaging in conversations with scientists and doctors, she became intrigued and hopeful about scientific innovation and the capacity for positive change.

Q: What is cold plasma, and why did the speaker find it fascinating?

Cold plasma is a technology that can inactivate airborne viruses, according to the University of Michigan. The speaker found cold plasma fascinating because of its potential in fighting viruses and its ability to contribute to public health and safety.

Q: How did the pandemic lead to people discovering new passions and hobbies?

With more time on their hands due to lockdowns and restrictions, people began exploring creative outlets and trying new activities. Some discovered a passion for baking bread, exchanging recipes, and sharing sourdough starters. Others engaged in music, art, dancing, and outdoor exercise. The pandemic provided an opportunity for individuals to delve into new hobbies and find joy in them.

Q: What changes did the pandemic bring in education and healthcare?

The pandemic brought significant changes in education and healthcare. With the shift to remote learning, schools started employing health safety measures such as finding school nurses and installing ventilation systems in classrooms. Telemedicine also emerged as a new wave in healthcare, allowing people to meet with doctors virtually and increasing access to medical help.

Q: How should we approach reframing our perspective?

The speaker suggests widening our scope to see the bigger picture. We should not shift our attention solely to the positive, but rather make a conscious decision to include the good while acknowledging the challenges and losses. By reframing our perspective, we can make connections between the good and the bad, learn new lessons, dream new possibilities, make new decisions, and create new ways of living.


The speaker reminds us to look beyond the negative aspects of the pandemic and find positive outcomes. By reframing our perspective, we can discover opportunities for growth and appreciate the changes that have occurred. It is important to honor those who have passed and acknowledge the losses we have endured while embracing the positive changes, developing new interests, and improving education and healthcare. With every challenge, there lies an opportunity for personal and societal growth.

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