Earn Passive Income With ChatGPT & Leonardo AI? | Summary and Q&A

January 20, 1970
The AI Spotlight
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Earn Passive Income With ChatGPT & Leonardo AI?


Learn how to use AI technology to develop and publish a children's storybook that can generate passive income.

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Key Insights

  • 👶 Passive income can be generated by creating and publishing a children's storybook using AI technology.
  • 🥶 Amazon KDP allows for free publishing of books, eliminating upfront costs.
  • 🥰 AI art generators like leonardo.ai can provide high-quality illustrations for the storybook.
  • 👀 Canva.com offers templates and tools for combining text and illustrations into a professional-looking book.
  • 🔨 The process of developing a storybook can be done quickly and efficiently using AI tools.
  • 👶 The potential for passive income from a well-crafted children's storybook is substantial.
  • 👨‍💼 Researching successful products on Amazon can inspire lucrative business ideas.


this basic storybook for kids has generated more than 226 thousand dollars in passive income today I will present to you how to launch a similar business we will start with developing a book concept writing the story and crafting high quality illustrations all while using the power of AI technology if you want to make passive income then stay tuned... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How much passive income can a children's storybook on Amazon generate?

Sellers have made over $32,000 to $132,000 from individual books, with the potential for even higher earnings.

Q: How can I come up with a great story idea for a children's storybook?

Using a chatbot, you can generate story titles and outlines, such as "Charlie and the Enchanted Zoo: A Tale of Friendship and Adventure", targeting kids aged 6-10.

Q: How can I create illustrations for my storybook without hiring an artist?

AI art generators like leonardo.ai can be used for free to create original pictures by typing in prompts related to your story.

Q: How can I combine the text and illustrations to make a professional-looking storybook?

Canva.com offers templates for storybooks where you can upload your AI-generated images and overlay the text from the chatbot's story content.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • A children's storybook on Amazon has made over $226,000 in passive income, inspiring the creation of a similar business.

  • The process involves developing a book concept, writing the story, and using AI technology to create high-quality illustrations.

  • The book can be published for free on Amazon KDP, allowing anyone to make money while sleeping.

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