Dropshipping For Beginners 2023 | How To Start From Scratch | Summary and Q&A

January 23, 2023
Simon Squibb
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Dropshipping For Beginners 2023 | How To Start From Scratch


Learn the three fundamentals of drop shipping (product, store, and marketing) and discover the importance of owning a brand in this business model.

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Key Insights

  • 💦 Drop shipping success relies on choosing the right product and targeting a specific niche market.
  • 🧍 Building a well-branded store is essential for standing out from competitors and gaining customer trust.
  • 📶 Marketing strategies should align with your strengths and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and effective approach.
  • 🪛 Affiliate marketing can be a valuable and often underutilized tactic for driving sales.
  • 🙃 One major flaw of drop shipping is not owning the client relationship, which limits re-marketing opportunities.
  • 🙃 Owning the brand is crucial to protect your business from the product company or platform taking it away.
  • 💦 Drop shipping can be a valuable learning experience in the business world but may not provide long-term stability.


Drop Shipping you've heard this is a good way of making money online how does this business actually work I'm going to take you through the three fundamentals of Drop Shipping and I'll reveal my honest opinion of this business model whether I think it's worth pursuing so the three fundamentals for Drop Shipping are obvious product store and marketi... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How do you determine what is a good product to sell in drop shipping?

Finding a good product involves identifying your niche and targeting a specific audience. Research keywords, hashtags, and understand why someone would use your product. This will help you connect your marketing efforts to your product effectively.

Q: What are the important aspects of building a drop shipping store?

While there are many great products available, the key is to focus on building a store that is well-branded and has clear differentials from competitors. This includes having strong values, providing excellent customer support, and offering trustworthy products.

Q: What are some marketing strategies for a drop shipping business?

The best marketing strategy is one that you feel comfortable with. If you enjoy writing, utilize SEO, AdWords, and blogging. If you're comfortable on camera, create videos for platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Additionally, consider affiliate marketing, which involves partnering with influencers or others who can generate sales through their traffic.

Q: What are the potential flaws of drop shipping?

Two main flaws of drop shipping are not owning the client relationship and not owning the brand. When selling through platforms like Amazon, you may not have access to client contact information. Additionally, if you don't own the product or brand, the product company or the platform can take it away from you at any time, jeopardizing your business.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Drop shipping involves choosing the right product to sell and marketing it effectively to a niche audience.

  • Building a well-branded store is crucial in order to differentiate yourself from competitors and establish trust with customers.

  • Marketing strategies can vary, but it's important to choose methods that align with your strengths and preferences, such as SEO, blogging, or creating videos.

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