Does height matter in sports? | Summary and Q&A

August 10, 2016
Physics Girl
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Does height matter in sports?


Height can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the sport due to factors like force application and strength-to-mass ratio.

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Key Insights

  • 🏊 Height can provide advantages in sports that require reach and force application, such as volleyball and swimming.
  • 😘 Shorter athletes excel in sports that prioritize balance, quick changes of direction, and lower weight, like gymnastics and diving.
  • ⚽ The ideal height for soccer players falls between the extremes, as the sport demands a combination of agility and power.
  • 💆 Height influences a person's physical strength, the mass they need to move, and the types of muscles required for different sports.
  • 🚙 Allometry, a field of study, examines how physical abilities and characteristics change with size and can be used to predict performance in sports.
  • 🐭 Medical researchers use allometry to determine appropriate dosages for pharmaceuticals based on the size differences between mice and humans.
  • 🧑‍🏭 Math and physics enable the prediction of performance and outcomes based on a single factor like height.


Hello, physics friends. So I was watching the COPA America earlier this year, and I got talking to a friend about Leonil Messi's height. He's 5 foot 6, which seems shorter than average. Maybe? Well, it turns out that the average height of an Argentinian man is 5 foot 8 and 1/2. So is Leonil Messi's stature an advantage for him? Well, the height of ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why are taller athletes often more successful in sports like volleyball?

Taller athletes have a better reach, allowing them to spike more easily and block shots at the net. Their increased height also enables them to apply more force during play.

Q: Why do shorter athletes excel in gymnastics and diving?

Shorter athletes have a lower center of gravity, which enhances their balance and ability to change directions quickly. They also have less inertia due to their lower weight, allowing for faster flips and twists.

Q: Are there any disadvantages to being tall in sports?

Yes, in sports where strength-to-mass ratio is crucial, such as gymnastics, being taller can be a disadvantage. Taller individuals tend to have more mass, making it more challenging to hoist and maneuver their bodies.

Q: How does height affect performance in soccer?

Height is advantageous in soccer when it comes to characteristics like sprinting speed and aerial prowess. However, being too tall may compromise agility and ball control, so a moderate height is often preferred.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Height can be an advantage in sports like volleyball and swimming, where taller athletes have better reach and can apply more force.

  • Shorter athletes, like gymnasts and divers, benefit from a lower center of gravity and the ability to change direction quickly.

  • The optimal height for soccer players falls somewhere in the middle, as the sport requires a balance of agility and power.

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