DJ's Trading Strategies | Summary and Q&A

March 23, 2017
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DJ's Trading Strategies


Successful traders emphasize simplicity, using few indicators and following strategies that fit their psyche. Humility and approachability are common traits among successful traders.

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Key Insights

  • ❓ Keeping trading simple and using only a few indicators can be beneficial for many traders.
  • 🕴️ Understanding one's strengths and weaknesses is important in finding a trading system that suits one's psyche.
  • ❓ Successful traders are often approachable and humble, willing to share their knowledge and insights with others.
  • 🥺 Mindset plays a crucial role in trading, and acceptance of the market's power can lead to more success and peace with oneself.
  • 🤩 The speaker believes that simplicity, humility, and understanding one's own psychology are key factors in successful trading.
  • 😒 Measuring mean reversion is another strategy that the speaker uses, influenced by a successful trader who follows the same approach.
  • 🙊 Approachability and humility are common traits among successful traders, as they are often willing to speak at conferences and share their ideas.


uh but I would like to ask you um that you look into charts and you you trade into bank Nifty so what are the kind kind of time frames you look into what are the kind of indicators that you have high respect for so let's say if what will DJ look into a chart which will give him a confirmation it's a trade here so what do you look into okay see the ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What kind of time frames and indicators does the speaker use for trading?

The speaker uses simple time frames and only two indicators, adx RSI or stochastics, to keep trading uncomplicated and manageable for his psyche.

Q: How does the speaker handle complexity in trading systems?

The speaker acknowledges that he can't handle complexity and has tried numerous systems that were highly rated but didn't work for him. He emphasizes the importance of understanding weaknesses and finding a system that suits one's own psyche.

Q: Why does the speaker believe it is important to invite successful but humble traders to speak at conferences?

The speaker believes that successful traders who are humble and approachable are more likely to share valuable insights and ideas with the audience. He mentions an example of a veteran trader requesting additional time to discuss something he observed on the market, showcasing humility despite his experience.

Q: How is mindset crucial in trading according to the speaker?

The speaker states that mindset is key in trading and emphasizes keeping it simple and finding what works for each individual trader. He believes that humility and acceptance of the market's power can lead to a better understanding and peace with oneself.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The speaker advocates for simplicity in trading, using only two indicators (adx RSI or stochastics) and focusing on strengths and weaknesses.

  • Successful traders are approachable and humble, as shown by an example of a veteran trader asking for more time at a conference.

  • The importance of mindset and finding a strategy that works for each individual trader is highlighted.

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