Direct listing rule change, Notion AI demo, NYE planning & more | E1646 | Summary and Q&A

December 27, 2022
This Week in Startups
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Direct listing rule change, Notion AI demo, NYE planning & more | E1646


Party planning is made easier with innovative tech tools like Partyful, a privacy-focused party planning app, and JitJatJoe, an app for hiring bartenders and event staff. D2C beverage brands like Kin, He, and Toast offer non-alcoholic options perfect for modern parties. Spotify's collaborative playlist feature is a hit for party music selection.

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Key Insights

  • 😀 Privacy-focused party planning apps like Partyful are gaining popularity due to concerns about personal information sharing.
  • 😀 Gig economy apps like JitJatJoe are revolutionizing event staffing by providing vetted and trained workers for hire.
  • 🥶 Non-alcoholic beverage brands like Kin, He, and Toast are meeting the demand for high-quality alcohol-free options at parties.
  • 🥳 Spotify's collaborative playlist feature is a convenient tool for curating music playlists for parties, allowing multiple users to contribute songs.


hey everybody welcome back I hope you had a wonderful holiday Christmas is over Hanukkah is over we're preparing for the new year Shake Off The Hangover we have a fun variety show teed up for you today a little bit of news on new SEC rules about direct listings which could be very impactful in 2023 then our resident notion expert Charlie Cuddy join... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does Partyful ensure privacy for its users?

Partyful allows users to send text blasts without revealing personal information, such as phone numbers. It also provides options to hide attendee lists and request Venmo payments directly in the app.

Q: What sets JitJatJoe apart from other event staffing platforms?

JitJatJoe ensures a rigorous vetting process for its gig workers, including background checks, pre-shift health screenings, and COVID-19 awareness and hygiene training. It also offers fair pay for its workers.

Q: What are the benefits of Kin, He, and Toast beverages for parties?

These D2C beverage brands offer non-alcoholic options that are delicious and visually appealing. They provide a classy alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks and cater to the growing demand for better non-alcoholic options.

Q: How does Spotify's collaborative playlist feature work?

Spotify's collaborative playlist feature allows users to create a playlist and invite others to contribute songs. The feature is easy to use and enables seamless collaboration for curating party playlists.


In this video, Jason covers some news about new SEC rules on direct listings and discusses the new Notion AI tool. Then, producer Rachel shares some cool apps for planning a modern New Year's Eve party gen Z style.

Questions & Answers

Q: What are the new SEC rules on direct listings?

The SEC has approved NASDAQ's request to expand the limits on capital raises for direct listings, making it easier for companies to go public without the need for a bank. This streamlines the direct listing process and allows companies to raise new capital through direct listings.

Q: Why are direct listings considered more fair and efficient than traditional IPOs?

Direct listings don't require a bank and allow companies to directly list their shares on the market. This eliminates the wealth transfer that happens during traditional IPOs, where banks often underprice shares, benefiting their clients and themselves. Direct listings also allow for better price discovery and the ability to raise capital.

Q: What is the main criticism of traditional IPOs according to Bill Gurley?

Bill Gurley criticizes the control that banks have over the pricing of traditional IPOs, which often benefits insiders more than investors, founders, and employees. Banks charge high fees for IPO services and give certain clients early access to shares, creating an unfair advantage.

Q: How does Notion AI assist with startup planning and business creation?

Notion AI is a tool within Notion, a no-code platform, that helps users with brainstorming, writing, and organizing various aspects of startup planning. It can generate ideas for business solutions, create press releases, write job descriptions, and even help with coding tasks.

Q: How does Notion AI generate content?

Notion AI uses generative AI technology to generate content based on the input and context provided by the user. It can generate text in various formats, including blog posts, meeting agendas, job descriptions, press releases, and more.

Q: What is Partyful and why is it popular among Gen Z party planners?

Partyful is a planning app that provides a private and streamlined platform for organizing events. It allows users to send text blasts instead of group chats, keeping attendees' phone numbers private. Partyful also allows for privacy settings, photo uploads, and Venmo requests, making it popular among Gen Z party planners.

Q: How does Partyful differentiate itself from other event planning platforms?

Partyful focuses on privacy and simplicity. It allows users to hide their phone numbers, send text blasts, and control attendee visibility. It also has features like photo uploads, privacy settings, and Venmo integration to make party planning more convenient.

Q: What other cool apps or tech can be used for party planning?

Other apps and tech mentioned in the video include Paperless Post for digital invitations, Venmo for seamless payments, and Particle for creating personalized drinks based on individual tastes.

Q: How does Particle work?

Particle is a personalized drink creation app that uses AI to suggest drinks based on individual tastes and preferences. Users can input their flavor preferences, restrictions, and desired alcohol content, and Particle will generate unique drink recipes.

Q: How can one gather photos from a party after it is over?

Partyful allows attendees to upload photos directly to the event platform, making it easy to gather and browse photos from the party. Additionally, users can explore other photo-sharing platforms like Instagram or create a shared photo album on Google Photos.

Q: What are some takeaways from this video?

The new SEC rules on direct listings provide more options and flexibility for companies wanting to go public. Notion AI is a powerful tool for startup planning and content generation. Partyful and other event planning apps offer privacy and convenience for modern party planning. Utilizing apps like Particle and Venmo can enhance the party experience. Overall, technology is transforming party planning and creating new possibilities for parties.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Partyful is a privacy-focused party planning app that allows users to send text blasts, hide attendee lists, and upload event photos. It has raised $20 million in funding and is valued at $80 million.

  • JitJatJoe is a gig economy app that connects event hosts with bartenders and staff for hire. It ensures vetted and trained workers for events and pays well.

  • D2C beverage brands like Kin, He, and Toast offer non-alcoholic options for parties. These brands have gained popularity in 2022 for their high-quality, alcohol-free beverages.

  • Spotify's collaborative playlist feature allows multiple users to contribute songs to a shared playlist, making it easy to curate music for parties.

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