's Heroes of Deep Learning: Ian Goodfellow | Summary and Q&A

August 25, 2017
YouTube video player's Heroes of Deep Learning: Ian Goodfellow


Yin discusses his journey into deep learning, from his initial interest sparked by an AI class, to his breakthrough with GANs, and his thoughts on the future of the technology.

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Key Insights

  • 💖 Yin's interest in machine learning was sparked by an AI class and the realization that it offered a scientific career path.
  • 🏛️ Building a GPU-based machine at Stanford solidified Yin's belief in the potential of deep learning.
  • ❓ The invention of GANs was a result of Yin's extensive study of generative models and the desire to overcome the limitations of existing frameworks.
  • 👨‍🔬 Yin's near-death experience reinforced his commitment to AI and the importance of carrying out research ideas.
  • 🪡 GANs have the potential to revolutionize generative modeling and are currently being used for various tasks, but their stability needs improvement.
  • 🤗 Yin believes that deep learning has opened up many possibilities, and the challenge for newcomers is to choose which path to focus on.
  • ❓ Yin emphasizes the importance of mastering the foundational mathematics of linear algebra and probability for a successful career in AI.


hi Yin thanks a lot for joining us today thank you for inviting me I drink I'm glad to be here yeah one of the world's most visible deep learning researchers let us share bit about your personal story so how do you end up doing this work that you now do yeah that sounds great I guess I first became interested in machine learning right before I met ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Yin become interested in machine learning?

Yin became interested in machine learning after his undergraduate advisor encouraged him to take an intro to AI class, where he realized the potential of AI as a real science.

Q: How did Yin's belief in deep learning solidify?

After building a GPU-based machine for running deep learning models, Yin developed a strong intuition that deep learning was the future, as other models like support vector machines didn't seem to have the same potential for improvement.

Q: How did Yin come up with the idea for GANs?

Yin had been studying generative models for a long time and wanted to create a model that avoided the disadvantages of existing frameworks. While discussing derided models with friends, he had a breakthrough and implemented the first version of GANs, which worked successfully.

Q: How did Yin's near-death experience reaffirm his commitment to AI?

When Yin thought he might have a brain hemorrhage, he realized that most of his thoughts were about ensuring that his research ideas were carried out. This experience made him prioritize his machine learning research work.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Yin first became interested in machine learning after taking an intro to AI class and realizing its potential as a scientific career.

  • During his time at Stanford, Yin and a friend built one of the first GPU-based machines for running deep learning models, solidifying his belief in the future of deep learning.

  • Yin discusses his invention of GANs as a way to improve generative modeling, and the potential for stabilizing GANs in the future.

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