CrippDaddy enters The Create Unknown – #27 | Summary and Q&A

November 27, 2019
The Create Unknown
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CrippDaddy enters The Create Unknown – #27


Comedian Donovan discusses his journey from Twitter to stand-up comedy, his unique sense of humor, and the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

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Key Insights

  • 🌍 Donovan's offensive humor stems from his coping mechanism to combat the chaotic state of the world by finding humor in absurdity.
  • ❓ Twitter can be a valuable platform for networking and connecting with other comedians, providing opportunities for collaboration and growth.
  • 🥺 People with disabilities face challenges when flying due to the lack of regulations on handling electric wheelchairs, leading to damage or loss.
  • ❓ The concept of a mismatch between audience expectations and the content can be an interesting and valuable element in comedy, surprising and entertaining the audience.


hey thanks for listening to the create unknown to unlock the extended bonus conversation sign up at slash the create unknown now on with the show maybe there's some sort of like entrepreneur opportunity here to create you know the next great invention that is the like electric chair protector for flying hey welcome to the create unknown... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What inspired Donovan to start using Twitter and connect with other comedians?

Donovan was inspired by seeing popular comedians use Twitter and wanted to have conversations and make jokes with them, leading him to rekindle his Twitter presence.

Q: What led to the controversy surrounding Donovan's response to an article about long movies and disability?

Donovan disagreed with the article's claim that long movies were ableist, expressing his thoughts on the matter. He and comedian Ricky Berwick faced criticism and accusations of racism and ableism as a result.

Q: What is the main issue faced by people with disabilities when flying?

Flying with an electric wheelchair poses a significant risk due to the lack of regulations governing its handling. Wheelchairs are typically treated as cargo, leading to damage or loss, making it difficult for people with disabilities to travel.

Q: How has Donovan's transition to stand-up comedy been, especially considering his unique style?

Donovan is still finding his footing in stand-up comedy but enjoys the experience. His storytelling style, where he starts with a serious story and ends with an offensive twist, works well both on Twitter and onstage.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Donovan shares his experience using Twitter as a platform to connect with other comedians and make people laugh.

  • He discusses the controversy surrounding an article claiming that long movies are ableist towards people with disabilities.

  • Donovan talks about his transition to stand-up comedy, the challenges he faces, and his desire to make people comfortable with his offensive humor.

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