Criminal Lawyer Reacts to Ex-Drug Trafficker Johnny Mitchell | Summary and Q&A

December 5, 2022
CLR Bruce Rivers
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Criminal Lawyer Reacts to Ex-Drug Trafficker Johnny Mitchell


Former drug trafficker shares his experiences and warns about the risks and consequences of being involved in the drug trade.

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Key Insights

  • 😣 Drug trafficking carries severe penalties, with sentences ranging from 15 to 20 years for smuggling 200 kilos of cocaine, even for individuals with no prior felonies.
  • 🖤 The drug trade is fraught with risks, including the lack of loyalty among criminal networks and the presence of law enforcement and cartels.
  • 💨 Networking with others in jail is not advisable, as many inmates are informants looking for their own way out.


snitching hi this is Bruce Rivers welcome to another episode of criminal lawyer reacts I'm Bruce Rivers board certified criminal defense lawyer what does that mean that means I actually try cases I just don't write passports to prison it's not what I do I try cases and I win cases so today we are reacting to the former drug trafficker Johnny Mitche... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What were the potential consequences for smuggling 200 kilos of cocaine?

According to the federal sentencing guidelines, smuggling 200 kilos of cocaine could result in a prison sentence of 15 to 20 years for someone with no prior felonies.

Q: How did the former drug trafficker plan to hide the cocaine in avocados?

The trafficker had an avocado farm and planned to hide the drugs within shipments of avocados, exploiting his legitimate business as a cover for smuggling.

Q: What is the significance of putting a name on an LLC in drug trafficking?

By putting his name on an LLC involved in drug trafficking, the former trafficker had committed a conspiracy, a criminal act punishable by law, even without physically handling the drugs.

Q: How do low-level drug traffickers often get caught while those higher up rarely do?

Low-level individuals, known as "mules," are more likely to get caught because they lack information about the overall operation and are considered expendable by those higher up in the drug trade.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video features Bruce Rivers, a criminal defense lawyer, reacting to an interview with a former drug trafficker.

  • The trafficker discusses smuggling cocaine from Colombia to the United States and the dangers involved.

  • He reveals that he was approached to create a fake company to receive the drugs, leading to a potentially lengthy prison sentence.

  • The former trafficker emphasizes the risks and lack of loyalty in the drug trade, discouraging others from getting involved.

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