Creating a Fancy Gallery Wall | Summary and Q&A

September 10, 2022
Ariel Bissett
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Creating a Fancy Gallery Wall


A video documenting the process of creating a gallery wall in a dining room, including finding and framing art, installing wainscoting, and painting the wall.

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Key Insights

  • 💨 Gallery walls can be a cost-effective way to add character and personal touch to a room.
  • 🅰️ Combining different sizes and types of artworks creates a visually dynamic gallery wall.
  • 🏪 Utilizing thrift stores can provide unique and affordable frame options.
  • 🤵 Installing wainscoting can enhance the elegance and overall aesthetics of a room.
  • 🕳️ Planning the layout of a gallery wall before hanging the pieces helps avoid unnecessary nail holes.
  • 📽️ DIY projects like creating a gallery wall can be both challenging and rewarding.
  • 👾 Incorporating sentimental artworks into a gallery wall adds personal significance to the space.


this room is getting transformed and so i'm gonna be making this wall into a gallery wall a couple of weeks ago i did this project this is a miniature living room with mini furniture in it video is up if you want to see it but it really made me think about this wall in general this wall is big it's mighty it has a lot of potential ultimately what i... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did the host choose the artworks for the gallery wall?

The host collected various artworks, largely postcards and medium-sized pieces, which held sentimental value from her travels. She wanted to create a dynamic wall by combining larger statement pieces with smaller fillers.

Q: Why did the host decide to install wainscoting in the room?

The host believed that adding wainscoting would elevate the room's aesthetics and make it look more elegant and sophisticated. She had previous success with board and batten techniques in other rooms and wanted to replicate the effect in her dining room.

Q: How did the host acquire the frames for the gallery wall?

Instead of purchasing frames from expensive stores, the host decided to search for frames at a thrift store. She found a mix of unique frames and straightforward wooden ones, benefiting from a 50% off sale. By being budget-conscious, she was able to keep the overall project cost-effective.

Q: What was the process of creating the gallery wall?

The host initially planned to lay out the frames on the ground and then transfer the arrangement onto the wall, as recommended in a previous video she watched. However, due to limited space indoors, she improvised by using the yard as a makeshift gallery planning area. She carefully mapped out the arrangement using the frames as a guide.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video begins with the host discussing the potential of a wall in her dining room to create a gallery space.

  • She collects various artworks, including postcards and larger pieces, to use in the gallery wall.

  • The host also procures frames from a thrift store and shares her excitement about finding unique and affordable options.

  • She then proceeds to install wainscoting, using a guide she crafted to ensure consistent spacing.

  • The video concludes with the completed gallery wall, showcasing the transformation of the room.

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