Confronting Our Worst Fears | Yes Theory | Summary and Q&A

March 14, 2021
The Iced Coffee Hour
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Confronting Our Worst Fears | Yes Theory


Ammar Kandil discusses his journey with Yes Theory, their partnership with Snapchat, the importance of seeking discomfort, and his personal discomfort with finance and money.

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Key Insights

  • 💠 Divine opportunities can shape the trajectory of one's career and offer unexpected support and mentorship.
  • ❓ Financial discomfort is a common struggle, and seeking financial literacy is an important part of personal growth.
  • 👻 Seeking discomfort allows individuals to tap into their true potential and experience personal and professional breakthroughs.


what's up everybody my name is mark and deal and i am one of the creators of yes theory and today we are on the 39th ever episode of the iced coffee hour and so far the show has made over 36 thousand dollars so that was amazing that was thank you guys for having me thank you this is a trip like there are very few people that i meet that like i can'... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Yes Theory get started?

Yes Theory started when Ammar, Thomas, and Matt crossed paths and realized their shared desire to challenge conventional paths and seek discomfort. They committed to the idea and put all their resources and time into it.

Q: How did the partnership with Snapchat come about?

Snapchat's vertical networks reached out to Yes Theory and offered them an opportunity to be the face of the new channel. This exposure helped them launch their YouTube channel and gain momentum.

Q: Why does Ammar feel discomfort about money and finance?

Ammar has always put finance on the backburner, relying on his team member Matt to handle financial matters. However, he now realizes the importance of financial literacy and how it can impact his own personal and professional growth.

Q: How does Ammar maintain a balance between seeking discomfort and personal growth?

Ammar believes that the more he seeks discomfort, the more he discovers his own capacity for self-improvement. He sees seeking discomfort as a continuous journey and continues to push his boundaries.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Ammar shares the story of how Yes Theory started and their early partnership with Snapchat, which allowed them to grow their YouTube channel.

  • He discusses his discomfort with finance and money and how he is starting to realize the importance of financial literacy.

  • Ammar reflects on the divine opportunities and mentorship they received along their journey.

  • He talks about his upcoming skydiving adventure and the meditative state of seeking discomfort.

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