Comments: Politics, Brains, & Logic | Summary and Q&A

September 9, 2016
Philosophy Tube
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Comments: Politics, Brains, & Logic


Ollie discusses the relationship between honesty and electability in politicians and explores the concept of rationality and emotions in thinking.

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Key Insights

  • ❓ Honesty and electability in politicians are not mutually exclusive, and a politician can possess both qualities.
  • 💠 Charisma can influence a politician's electability, but it is subjective and shaped by personal biases.
  • ❓ Emotions and rationality are not diametrically opposed, and one can be passionate while remaining rational.
  • 😀 Democracy faces challenges due to human biases, but education and diversity may help improve decision-making.


Hello everybody, Ollie here it's been another fun month on the channel so let's look at some of the comments you've been leaving i did a video on whether politicians should be honest or electable and Randy Ham says are honesty and electability really mutually exclusive and then he talked about Bernie Sanders and-and yeah, that was kind of the centr... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Are honesty and electability mutually exclusive for politicians?

Ollie acknowledges that they don't have to be mutually exclusive, exploring the concept of electability and how it can be influenced by a politician's honesty.

Q: How does charisma affect a politician's electability?

Ollie discusses the difficulty in objectively determining charisma, as personal political biases can shape one's perception. He also shares an example of a politician considered charismatic by many, despite Ollie's contrasting opinion.

Q: What was the purpose of Ollie's video on the philosopher's brain?

Ollie explains that the video focused on different thinking systems, debunking the notion that emotions and rationality are mutually exclusive. He cautions against using these dichotomies to dismiss or silence others.

Q: How can democracy be improved considering the biases and lack of knowledge in voters?

Ollie discusses the challenge of defining and selecting experts, pointing out the risks of biases in such decisions. He suggests education and diversity as possible ways to combat the flaws in democratic decision-making.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Ollie reflects on viewer comments regarding the video on the relationship between honesty and electability in politicians.

  • He explores the topic of charisma and its role in determining electability.

  • Ollie discusses the potential biases and flaws in democratic decision-making and suggests education and diversity as possible solutions.

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