Comments: Pokémon, Gender & Marxism + SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! | Summary and Q&A

May 5, 2016
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Comments: Pokémon, Gender & Marxism + SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!


This content discusses the comparison of Pokemon training to slavery, the concept of gender nihilism, and the importance of listening to individuals with gender dissonance.

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Key Insights

  • 🙈 Pokemon training can be seen as comparable to slavery or feudalism, with valid arguments for both comparisons.
  • 🎁 Gender nihilism proposes the complete abandonment of gender, which presents interesting philosophical and political considerations.
  • ❓ Physical sex is not strictly binary or determined solely by chromosomal arrangements, highlighting the complexity of human biology.
  • 😀 Gender dissonance is a form of suffering that needs to be listened to and understood, especially considering the structural advantages and oppression faced by individuals with gender dissonance.
  • 🎮 Acceptance, a free video game by Laura Kay Buzz, offers a unique perspective on the experience of being transgender.
  • 🫵 Deviations from masculinity can provoke hate, as masculinity is often viewed as the norm and deviations as other and bad, according to Julia Serano's analysis.
  • 🤙 The content creator has started a YouTube channel called "Shakespeare vlogs" where they vlog in character as famous roles from Shakespeare, offering educational and theatrical content.
  • 👶 The support of patrons on Patreon is vital in the success of the show, with appreciation extended to new supporters.


real quick before begins stick around at the end for a very important and exciting announcement if you like Shakespeare and acting and me then this is something that you're gonna want to hear we talked a while ago about training Pokemon and Marxism and Tarr vaak pointed out that Pokemon training is less like what Marx thought capitalism was and act... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Is Pokemon training more like capitalism or slavery?

While some argue that Pokemon training is comparable to capitalism, others suggest it is more similar to slavery due to the lack of wages for Pokemon. Either comparison has valid points to consider.

Q: Is Mewtwo a fascist?

Mewtwo can be considered a fascist based on his Pokemon supremacist ideologies and authoritarian behavior, aligning with common definitions of fascism.

Q: What is gender nihilism, and how does it aim to abandon gender?

Gender nihilism is a philosophical/political position that seeks to eliminate the concept of gender entirely, including its institutions and associated baggage. It calls for a complete abandonment of gender norms.

Q: How does physical sex exist on a spectrum?

Physical sex is not strictly binary, as some individuals possess chromosomal arrangements other than XX or XY, and additional factors such as genetic chimerism and sex organ variations further complicate the notion of a binary understanding of physical sex.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content explores the comparison between Pokemon training and slavery, as well as the suggestion that it may be more like feudalism.

  • Gender nihilism, a philosophical/political position advocating for the abandonment of gender as a concept, is mentioned, with the need for further exploration.

  • The importance of listening to individuals with gender dissonance, understanding their experiences, and evaluating structural advantages is emphasized.

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